Meet Alex Han

In These Times is growing: We’re excited to announce that labor organizer and activist Alex Han has joined us as the new Executive Director.

Art Levine, a contributing editor of The Washington Monthly, has written for Mother Jones, The American Prospect, The New Republic, The Atlantic, Slate​.com, Salon​.com and numerous other publications.
Listen to the Nurses: Up to 40% of Hospitals Not Ready for Swine Flu
Unions, AARP, Sebelius Fighting Scare Tactics Targeting Elderly and Medicare
Public Option Model: Labor Leaders, Bush Economist Cite San Fran Experiment
What Will Progressives, Unions Do if ‘Public Option’ is Dropped?
Dems, Unions, Allies Pushing Back For Reform in Ads, Town Halls, Attacks on Blue Dogs
GOP Tacitly Accepts Mob Violence While Progressives Step Up Reform Drive
Are Progressives the New ‘Silent Majority’ in Healthcare Debate?
How the Mainstream Media Fuels Right-Wing Lies On Healthcare Reform
The (Political) Guns of August: Make-or-Break for Progressives on Healthcare
Scandal-linked “The Family” Says: Jesus Wants You to Bust Unions
How Labor, Grassroots Activists Say They Will Help Save Health Care Reform
Big Business Lobbies to Save Tax Breaks Spurring Plant Closings
Wake-Up Call for GOP’s “Values” Hypocrites: Unions Are Pro-Family, Report Finds
In Arkansas Heat, 1,500 March for Free Choice Act and Senate Action
Newt Gingrich Fights Pope, Al Franken, Public on Union Rights
Why Does the Chamber of Commerce Oppose Arbitration For Union Workers?
As Senators Huddle Over Bill, Pro-Labor Ads Pressure Wavering Dems
Grassroots Labor Pressure on Specter: “He Knows When There’s a Fire Under His Ass”
Talking Heads Say All Unionized Business Fail as 1,000 Execs Endorse Pro-Union Bill
Shilling on the Corporate Dollar
Business-sponsored ‘scholars’ deliver anti-union talking points.
Romney, Chamber Anti-EFCA PR Blitz Ignores Reality
Corporations Widely Using Wal-Mart Tactics, New Unionbusting Report Finds
Dick Cheney Battles Clergy Over Employee Free Choice Act
What’s Obama Done for Workers in His First 100 Days? Plenty.
Local Media Challenged DC Pundits’ Anti-Union Spin—And Pushed Specter
With Friends Like These…Robert Reich’s “Mistakes” on Employee Free Choice Ac
Faux-Populist “Tea Parties” Ignore Tax Breaks for Overpaid CEOs
After Specter’s EFCA Flip-Flop: How Unions’ Grassroots Power Can Trump Joe the Plumber
The EFCA Battle is Joined
Unions and allies are fighting the anti-Employee Free Choice Act “Meltdown Lobby” with an IRS complaint and grassroots campaigns.
Union Allies Fight Against GOP “Meltdown Lobby” With IRS Complaint, Grassroots Campaigns
How The Solis Confirmation Boosts Obama’s Economic Recovery
Business Lobby Scrambling as Pro-Union Activists Rally on Hill Wednesday
New Report Shows Sharp Union Growth —Despite Unionbusting
Human Rights Watch Backs Employee Free Choice Act—Congress to Probe Anti-Union Scheme?
GOP plays “chicken” with economy in fight over Solis, Employee Free Choice Act
Surprise! Anti-Free Choice Act Washington Post Distorts Obama Interview on Unions
Can the Unions Beat Dr. Evil and Corporate Shills In the Ad and Lobbying Wars?
Dr. Evil is BAAAACK!’s new anti-union campaign repeats “Secret Ballot&#82
Fair Pay:  Decent Wages Must Be Part of Obama’s Jobs Package
Have Anti-Union Ads Flopped? New Poll Shows 78% Favor Employee Free Choice Act
The Horror, the Horror!: GOP, Business Alarmed Over Fair Pay for Women Bills Facing Votes
How Obama Can Fix The Other Disaster in Bush’s Legacy: The War on Workers
Unionbusting Confidential
To keep out organized labor, you need the union-busting law firm Jackson Lewis
The Bush Administration’s New Target: Uninsured Kids
Fighting against SCHIP is Bush's first salvo in the battle for major health care reform
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