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In These Times is growing: We’re excited to announce that labor organizer and activist Alex Han has joined us as the new Executive Director.

“Plame Betrayed” - the Movie
Wilson and Domenici Named in Attempt to Influence Federal Investigation
Louise Slaughter Defends Wounded Vets Against Department of Defense Retaliation
Which Two GOP Members of Congress Leaned on a Prosecutor to File Charges Before the Elections?
“Senior Administration Official” Moron of Mystery
New Baker/Christopher Commission to Examine Constitutional Questions of War Powers Authority
Bush Administration Supports the Troops by Ordering Wounded Vets to Shut Up
Two “Detainees” Seek Expedited Hearing from Supreme Court
Another Bush Provocation Sabre Loses Its Rattle
Brokered Democratic Convention In ‘08?
Get Well Soon Steve
Keith Olbermann Reviews the Olympian Ignorance and Stupidity Displayed By Condi Rice
If They Ever Told the Truth, How Could Anyone Possibly Know?
Contest Announcement: “Cheney Lyin’ Fool Sweepstakes”
Obama Publicly Scolds His Own Spokesman for Not Playing Nice
Erroneous Blog Post
On the Forty Second Day of Fitzmas
“Echoes of Iran-Contra”
All In the Family
Déjà Vu! U.S. Intel On a Country Against Which Bush Wants to Go to War Has Proved Wrong
Virginia Legislators Vote to Apologize for Slavery
US Generals “Will Quit” If Bush Attacks Iran (Which Pentagon Stands Ready To Do On 24 Ho
Obama’s Austin Speech
Jimmy Carter on Cheney: “He’s just been almost completely wrong on just about everything
Florida-13 Update
Obama Mocks Cheney
Military Genius Vice President Kamikaze Custer Cheney
Supreme Court Denies Plea of Accused for Explanation of Charges Against Him
Vilsack Is Out
Democrats Planning to Repeal Bush’s War Authorization Resolution
DreamWorks Apologizes for Mistaken Public Perception that “Dreamgirls” Was About Motown
Joe to Go to the GOP?
Camp Obama Has Bad Case of Stupiditis Too
Camp Hillary Escalates the Stupidity
Gitmo Lawyers Remind Supreme Court That Only the Supreme Court Decides Whether It Has Jurisdiction
The Courage of Convictions
On the Thirty Seventh Day of Fitzmas
On the Thirty Sixth Day of Fitzmas: A Wrap Up
Dinosaurs Are Known to Have Very Small Brains
John Kerry: Even Tony Blair Is Bailing Out of Iraq, So Why Do Bush and GOP Want to Escalate War?
3rd Ranking House Republican Says Truth/Fiction Doesn’t Matter, As Long As GOP Gets “Mes
DC Appellate Court Rules Constitution Doesn’t Apply to US Gov’t Conduct Offshore
On the Thirty Sixth Day of Fitzmas
McCain: Rumsfeld “One of the Worst Secretaries of Defense in History.”
Ghost of Fitzmas Future?
Since Wounded Vets Are No Longer Troops, George Bush Doesn’t Care to Support Them
On the Thirty Fourth Day of Fitzmas
Hillary Gets a Seriously Bad Case of the Stupids
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