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In These Times is growing: We’re excited to announce that labor organizer and activist Alex Han has joined us as the new Executive Director.

Bush DoJ Officials Fear Keeping Communications Records Will Expose Them to Criminal Charges
Email Shows CIA Turned Blind Eye to Secret Rendition and Possible Torture of U.S. Citizen
Gonzales Toast Watch
Nancy Pelosi Honors Troops Who Have Made the Supreme Sacrifice In Iraq
David Corn Corrects Victoria Toensing’s False Testimony to Congress
Tony Snow Gets Snippy with CNN Reporter Questioning Bush’s “Recipe for Success” in
How Conveeenient!
Gonzales Toast Watch
A Review of the What Transpired in the Plame Betrayal Hearings
FBI Breaks the Law to Justify Breaking the Law to Spy On Citizens In Warrantless Fishing Expeditions
About Blogs
Saturday Cartoon
Kerry Endorses Bill Giving Bloggers New Authority to Pursue FOIA Requests
CBS vs CNN: Will He Stay Or Will He Go?
Henry Writes a Letter to the White House
Purged Prosecutor to Bush DoJ: When You Stop Lying Then I’ll Stop Criticizing
CIA Director Hayden vs Victoria Toensing (And Other Hearing News)
House Hearings Investigating the Betrayal of Valerie Plame
NY Times to GOP: “There is no evidence of rampant voter fraud in this country.”
Gonzales Toast Watch
Digby’s Excellent Suggestion
Bush Administration: It’s Hard Work Breakin’ the Law If We Gotta Keep Official Records
Karl and Alberto: Busted
Bush Blocked Investigation of Warrantless Spying Because Gonzales Was Target of Inquiry
It’s Not the Lies, It’s the Obviousness
Chuck Schumer Asks Some Questions
And Now for Some Completely Different Republican Corruption
Gonzales Toast Watch
Department of Republican Justice
It’s All the Evil Democrats’ Fault
Keeping Count of Bush Administration Lies Exposed (So Far) About the Prosecutor Purges
Florida-13 Update
CREW Calls for Special Prosecutor to Investigate Bush Administration’s Prosecutor Purges
Alberto’s Press Conference
Ka Boom! Bush Directly Complicit In Prosecutor Purges
War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, The Earth Is Flat, “Most People” Think Libby Should Be
Unfair and Unbalanced Network News
House and Senate Judiciary Committees Want Rove to Testify
Quote of the Day
Action Figure
Another Prosecutor Targeted for Extortion by Bush DoJ Protection Racket
Aw, Golly, Ain’t That Sweet
Schumer Says It’s Time for Gonzales to Go
NY Times to Bush: Fire Consigliere Gonzales!
Rove Involved in Prosecutor Purges
DC Appeals Court Cites Dred Scott Case to Justify Negating 70 Years of Supreme Court Precedent
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