Indigo Olivier is a reporter-researcher for The New Republic and a 2020-2021 Leonard C. Goodman investigative reporting fellow. Her writing on politics, labor and higher education has appeared in the Guardian, The Nation and Jacobin, among other outlets.

UC Grads' Bargaining Committee Drops Core Demands, Sparking Rank-and-File Activism
Strategic differences come to the fore as the largest higher education strike in the country's history enters its second month
Lockheed Martin Day
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Inside Lockheed Martin’s Sweeping Recruitment on College Campuses
The engineering degree to defense industry pipeline.
A Landmark Bill Would Outlaw Bosses Cutting off Healthcare to Striking Workers
Employers regularly eliminate healthcare benefits as a strike-breaking tactic. A bill just introduced in Congress seeks to finally end this practice.
"How Many More Have to Die?" Protesters March Against Vaccine Apartheid
Campaigners are targeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel—and the pharmaceutical companies she is protecting.
The Young Socialists' School-to-Union Pipeline
Members of the Democratic Socialists of America are embracing the "rank and file strategy."
Columbia Students Wage the Largest Tuition Strike in Nearly 50 Years
Students are demanding the university lower the cost of attendance and boost financial aid.
Students at the Most Expensive University in America Are Going on Tuition Strike
With an $11 billion endowment, Columbia University has been fleecing students during the pandemic. Now students are fighting back.
Meet the Students Trying to Organize the First Campus-Wide Undergraduate Union
Inside the groundbreaking student organizing drive at Kenyon College.
Police Budgets Are Ballooning as Social Programs Crumble
Cities across the country have defied demands from protesters to defund police despite facing huge budget deficits from Covid-19.
A Virtual Charter School Company Says Covid-19 Is the ‘Tailwind’ It’s Been Waiting For
Critics say online learning is failing low-income students. But some for-profit companies are pushing to make it the new normal.
Chicago Teachers Join the Nationwide Movement to Kick Cops Out of Schools
In Minneapolis, Cops Were Kicked Out of Schools. Cities in 7 Other States Could Soon Follow Suit.
Activists around the country are rallying for #PoliceFreeSchools.
SARS Lessons Lost
What the United States should have learned from SARS—and blatantly ignored.
Time to Redirect the Military Budget to Public Health
America's addiction to war, by the numbers.
A Feminism for the Working Class
In 1999, Barbara Ehrenreich charged the feminist movement with advancing only "educated, middle-class women." Her critique is more pertinent than ever.
Barbara Ehrenreich on Why Socialism Should Be Fun
In a sprawling interview, Ehrenreich explains the joys of radical politics and why there's no time to wait on capitalism to solve the climate crisis.
Cities Aren’t Waiting for a Federal Green New Deal
Activists are pushing sweeping climate action at the local level.