Peter Cer­to is the edi­to­r­i­al man­ag­er of the Insti­tute for Pol­i­cy Stud­ies. He edits its For­eign Pol­i­cy In Focus and Oth­er­Words ser­vices and coach­es writ­ing in the New Econ­o­my Mary­land Fel­low­ship pro­gram. He’s a for­mer asso­ciate edi­tor of Right Web, a project that mon­i­tors efforts to influ­ence U.S. for­eign pol­i­cy, and helped coor­di­nate the first annu­al Glob­al Day of Action on Mil­i­tary Spending.
Donald Trump May Spend Memorial Day Pardoning War Criminals
Glorifying serial killer-type behavior most service members would find appalling is a strange way to honor them.
Does the Super Bowl Feel Too Political? Thank American Militarism.
The staging of professional sports events is deeply political. It’s only when someone breaks character that we notice it.
Never Mind the Wall—They’re Building Warehouses for Immigrant Children
The newest plank of immigration enforcement? Piling children into overcrowded detention centers.
Actually, Trump Loves Chinese Goods—So Long as they Make Him Richer