The Teachers Being Demonized for Trying To Save Us From the Pandemic
A conversation with locked-out members of the Chicago Teachers Union.
Maximillian Alvarez
Chicago Teachers Voted to Teach Remotely Amid Omicron Wave—And Were Locked Out
The teachers’ union demanded greater safety measures in classrooms, and in response the school district cancelled classes and locked educators out of online learning platforms.
Jeff Schuhrke
This Year in Working: The 10 Most-Read Labor Stories
Now's a good a time to look back and ask: What just happened?
In These Times Editors
Capping Off a Year of Labor Action at Amazon, Warehouse Workers Walk Off the Job in Illinois
For the first time, Amazon is experiencing a multi-site U.S. work stoppage. It comes at the end of a year marked by union organizing and labor militancy at the retail giant.
Jeff Schuhrke
Stop Buying Holiday Gifts for Your Boss
A third of U.S. workers say they buy presents for their manager. It’s time to end this predatory ritual once and for all.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
Labor Activists Want to Know Why Workers Were Left to Die in Extreme Tornadoes
Grief, anger, and demands for answers after tornadoes kill at least 14 U.S. workers.
Jeff Schuhrke
How the Mighty Culinary Union Survived the Apocalypse
After facing 98% unemployment in the depths of the pandemic, the strongest union in Las Vegas has risen again.
Hamilton Nolan
Ten Predictions For the Year Ahead in Labor
Our infallible crystal ball reveals that 2022 will make workers want to holler.
Hamilton Nolan
A Buffalo Starbucks Worker Talks About Why He Wants a Union
A conversation with Brian Murray, one of the Buffalo workers, and journalist Jordan Chariton, who recently traveled to Buffalo to speak with Starbucks workers.
Maximillian Alvarez
Columbia University Strikers Raise Hell, Saying School Plans to Illegally Replace Them
A dispute over whether the university can permanently replace striking student workers is coming to a head this week.
Hamilton Nolan
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