September 2007 Volume 31, Issue 09

A Dream Deferred
Only sustained community activism will reverse the Supreme Court's most recent betrayal of Brown v. Board of Education
Lewis M. Steel
Unveiling Muslim Feminism
Muslim women's bodies are too frequently used to symbolize the state of Islam in Iran, and the degree to which it associates itself with the West
Erin Wiegand
Restoring Classroom Justice
Restorative justice in schools has picked up steam in response to "zero tolerance" policies, which lead to "schoolhouse-to-jailhouse tracking"
Lewis Wallace
Climate Change Refugees
As large areas of the planet become unsuitable for human life, the sad stream of climate refugees will become a torrent
Terry J. Allen
The Secret Lives of Plutocrats
In Richistan, Robert Frank offers a breezy, well-observed peek into this gated community. You too could visit if you graduate from "butler boot camp" and become a $120,000-a-year "household manager"
David Moberg
How Does Laura Bush Sleep at Night?
The worst First Lady in recent memory has had no consistent program or agenda to changes things for the better, while at the same time providing PR cover for her husband
Susan J. Douglas
The Counterproductive War on Gangs
The conclusion of the report, "Gang Wars: The Failure of Enforcement Tactics and the Need for Effective Public Safety Strategies," persuasively argues that punitive policies of policing that specifically target gangs increase rather than decrease gang violence
Salim Muwakkil
The Promise of Low Power FM
The voices aired on low-power stations include evangelists, social critics, tomato pickers and indie rockers--all linked by the credo that radio should reflect the heterogeneity of the communities it serves
Michelle Chen
The Crafting of Obama
When Barack Obama launched his presidential bid, he decided to build a staircase, not merely a platform, thereby differing with most African-American presidential aspirants
Laura S. Washington
Universal Health Care for Wisconsin?
In late June, the Wisconsin state senate ratified "Healthy Wisconsin," a plan that is "the boldest and most comprehensive health care reform from any state," according to the Progressive States Network
David Moberg
No Match? No Mas!
The Department of Homeland Security is trying to force employers to either fire workers whose names and Social Security numbers don't match. Widespread job loss often results when the government dons its immigration-enforcement blinders
Mischa Gaus
Gitmo’s Last Honest Man
Abraham found that "evidence" was generally gathered by inexperienced staff with little legal or intelligence training, and he got no assurance that he was given access to all available evidence on a detainee
H. Candace Gorman
The Kids Aren’t Alright
Daniel Brook's The Trap reminds us that inequality is bad for everyone, rich and poor
Brian Cook
Blogs Up, Hacks Down
The appearance of seven Democratic presidential contenders at the YearlyKos convention demonstrated that the Kossacks and fellow A-listers--along with what the Liberal Blog Advertising Network calls their 3 million daily readers--are now ensconced as political players
Jessica Clark

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