August 2010 Volume 34, Issue 08

King of the Crazy Suit
Meet Jonathan Lee Riches, the most litigious man in history.
Beau Hodai
Social Media: Peril + Promise
Will social networks change our world, or just reinforce it?
Deanna Zandt
Howard Zinn’s Final Act of Protest
In his last book, the late, great historian—and former bombardier—examines his troubling actions during W.W. II.
Micah Uetricht
U.S. Nuclear Plants: Old and Incontinent
Terry J. Allen
Slavery in Our Time
For the first time, the U.S. government acknowledges modern-day slavery in the United States.
Michelle Chen
The End of Men, or the End of Reason?
Susan J. Douglas
Bad Air in ‘Green’ Buildings
Much-touted LEED-certified buildings may not be so perfect.
Melinda Tuhus
Dear ITT Ideologist: McChrystal’s Predicament, and an Insecure Israeli
Pete Karman
Tax Dodgers, Inc.
Congress tries—and so far fails—to combat "legal" corporate tax avoidance, which costs the U.S. Treasury billions each year
Christopher Moraff
Todd Solondz’s Dystopia in Suburbia
In his sixth film, Life During Wartime, the film director offers another twisted modern fairy tale that revels in taboos.
Michael Atkinson
In an Afghan Hole? Dig Deeper
Joel Bleifuss
Where the Press is Free to Die
Death of jailed journalist raises questions in Cameroon, one of Africa's most corrupt nations
Stefan Simanowitz
Female Rail Tale
Linda Grant Niemann goes beyond clichés to show what it's really like to work on the railroad.
Mike Matejka

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