January 2012 Volume 36, Issue 01

Unequal Rites
Peyote sacraments and the First Amendment.
Remy Maldigian
Occupy the Electoral Process
It would be a mistake for members of the Occupy movement to ignore the 2012 elections.
Liz Novak
What to Do About the Nanny?
Behind the female literati's neglect of its working-class sisters.
Jude Ellison Sady Doyle
Hollywood’s Fraud-Free Fantasies
On the big and small screens, the entertainment industry fails to explain why the U.S. economy collapsed.
Chris Lehmann
Guided by Our Grandchildren
It's hard not to be inspired by the youthful idealism at the center of the Occupy movement.
Jane Miller
The Lonesome Death of Josh Dylan Pfenning
A man who is unhoused kills himself at an Occupy encampment, underscoring America's widening chasms.
Terry J. Allen
Gay Marriage Tests ‘Minnesota Nice’
A constitutional amendment proposal comes to the Land of Lakes, a microcosm of the nation.
Jacob Wheeler
Uncle Sam’s ‘Mal-intent’
With its FAST program, the federal government is trying to read minds to fight terrorism.
Michael Solomon
Library of Alexandria in Danger
Will Egypt's newly elected Islamists respect freedom of expression and tolerate 'sacrilegious' books?
Sanhita SinhaRoy
Private Prisons Gone Wild
Legal challenges are no match for Arizona politicians determined to privatize the state's correctional services.
Beau Hodai
Class Consciousness Is Back
Once you notice inequality, you can't escape the realities of class in America.
Susan J. Douglas
Will Latino Groups Choose To Occupy?
The Latino and immigrant reaction to Occupy Wall Street has been decidedly mixed.
Teresa Puente

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