December 2011 Volume 35, Issue 12

Matana Roberts’ Genealogy of Jazz
The saxophonist delves into African-American history—from slavery to the present—in her twelve-part series Coin Coin.
Frances Morgan
Our Mutual Enemy: Money
Like Dickens' cast of characters, we remain bewildered by money—and our lack of it.
Jane Miller
Introducing: Lady Loser Comedy
A new feminist genre gives women a chance to be crass, pathetic and hilarious.
Jude Ellison Sady Doyle
Au Revoir, Noblesse Oblige
The sense of duty America's ruling class once felt to support the greater good is gone.
Chris Lehmann
Will Wisconsin Elect Our First Gay Senator?
Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin is eyeing a U.S. Senate seat, one year after Russ Feingold lost his.
Roger Bybee
Chronicles of Vonnegut
Two new books delve into the life and work of a man who couldn't silence his political conscience.
Steve Weinberg
Assassinating the Rule of Law
President Obama has carried on where former President George W. Bush left off.
Leonard C. Goodman
Haitians to U.N.: Please Leave
Amid allegations of serious abuses, a growing number of Haitians want peacekeeping forces out of their country.
Rebecca Burns
CIA Boosts Vaccination Conspiracies
The agency's public health ruse to confirm Bin Laden's whereabouts caused collateral damage.
Terry J. Allen
George Clooney: The Man From Yesterday
Ides of March isn't great, but at least its director and star actually cares about politics, history and memory.
Michael Atkinson
After Arab Spring, an Israeli Summer
Israelis have been protesting inequality for months, with surprising results.
Ralph Seliger
The Paradigm Shifts
Occupy protests have focused the nation's attention on inequality. But how can this movement be sustained?
James Thindwa
How to Make Robin Hood Proud
The push for taxing financial transactions gains steam in Europe -- will the United States follow suit?
David Moberg

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