May 2012 Volume 36, Issue 05

Reading Tolstoy in London
My friend Layrsa escaped Soviet privation, from Siberia to the Ukraine, to build a new life abroad. It's still a work in progress.
Jane Miller
Blogging Sisterhood
How feminist blogs saved my life.
Jude Ellison Sady Doyle
In Search of Stripper Solidarity
Can professional dancers find workplace justice?
Let’s Intervene in Elections
If the Left wants to be relevant, it must remember the ballot box.
Joel Bleifuss
War and Popcorn
Serious war films are going extinct as Hollywood cranks out childish fantasies about heroism and violence.
Michael Atkinson
A Civil Solution to Labor’s Problems
The key to reviving U.S. workers' fortunes may be as simple as amending the Civil Rights Act.
Louis Nayman
Target: Tar Sands
Activists in Texas and a South Dakota reservation are fighting a fast-growing industry.
Daniel Hertz
No Vacancies: Squatters Move In
Growing movements on both sides of the Atlantic try to turn bank-owned houses into homes.
Rebecca Burns
Collateral Insanity in Afghanistan
After decades of military devastation, Afghans are traumatized.
Terry J. Allen
Our Bodies, Their Politics
The last few months have made abundantly clear what women must do: Rid America's capitols of misogynists.
Marilyn Katz
Rubes’ Gold in Sacks
The very public resignation of a Goldman Sachs executive exposes what most already knew: The firm is morally bankrupt.
Chris Lehmann

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