April 2012 Volume 36, Issue 04

Courage and Convictions
Would you actually risk your life for justice?
Jane Miller
Adam Curtis: Conspiracist of Long-Lost Facts
The BBC producer/director's brilliant oeuvre is nothing less than astonishing.
Michael Atkinson
The Never-Ending Crusade
No Americans were killed on U.S. soil by Islamic extremists in 2011. Why does Islamophobia persist?
Patrick Glennon
A Childhood Exorcised
Jeanette Winterson's adoptive mother was like no other.
Sanhita SinhaRoy
No Bark, Less Bite—That Dog Don’t Hunt
Are America's long-running culture wars drawing to a close?
Chris Lehmann
Mexican American Studies Suspension: A Teachable Moment in Tucson
Some educators and students refuse to accept a new curriculum ban in Arizona.
Rebecca Burns
National Lawyers Guild Fights for the Right to Occupy
When protesters land in court, a network of volunteer lawyers defend them.
Allison Kilkenny
The Banality of Corporate Evil
Claiming they can't be held liable for human rights abuses, corporations reach a new height of hypocrisy.
Joel Bleifuss
Ron Paul’s Common Sense
He's wrong on many things, but when it comes to foreign policy and civil liberties, the GOP Congressman sounds the right notes.
Leonard C. Goodman
Trumpeting the Superpower Status Quo
President Obama's 'Defense Strategic Review' is old sauce in a new bottle—and the country's worse for it.
Gregory D. Foster

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