March 2013 Volume 37, Issue 03

A Romanian Exorcism
Cristian Mungiu's film 'Beyond the Hills' will take your breath away.
Michael Atkinson
Frack You and the Sand You Rode In On
Fracking's evil twin: the mining of prehistoric sand.
Terry J. Allen
Black and Bengali
A new book traces the hidden story of a mixed-race community.
Fatima Shaik
Ugandans Sue U.S. Evangelical for Hate Speech
How the persecuted Ugandan LGBT community turned the tables.
Camille Beredjick
No Sanctuary in the Ivory Tower
Why didn't MIT defend Aaron Swartz?
Chris Lehmann
A Just War in Timbuktu?
How the Salafist uprising in Mali threw our Enlightenment ideals into confusion.
Joel Bleifuss
Testless in Seattle
Seattle teachers take a bold stand against arbitrary standardized testing.
Camille Beredjick
The Frontlines of Feminism
Is the end of the combat exclusion rule a win for all women?
Rebecca Burns
Bigelow and the Boys Club
The Zero Dark Thirty director isn't Miss Congeniality.
Jude Ellison Sady Doyle
NRA: No Research Allowed
Two reasons the NRA is like Big Tobacco.
Susan J. Douglas
A Deadly Disorder at the EPA
Before we can save the honeybees, we need to resuscitate the EPA.
Joel Bleifuss
Here’s to You, Mrs. Robeson
Barbara Ransby's new book shines the spotlight on Eslanda Robeson--activist, writer and yes, Paul Robeson's wife.
Eleanor J. Bader
Divesting for a Greener Planet?
Critics say divestment campaigns won’t hurt polluters’ profits. But Bill McKibben and student activists say that’s not the point.
Rebecca Nathanson
How Long Can Hugo Chavez Call In Sick?
Venezuela's ailing president has kept the wolves at bay for 69 days, but restlessness is brewing.
Achy Obejas

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