October 2019 Volume 43, Issue 10

InvestigationGoodman Institute
Treated Like Meat: Women in Meatpacking Say #MeToo
At the world’s largest pork processing company, Smithfield Foods, workers say as long as lines are moving fast, supervisors who sexually harass them get a free pass.
Lauren Kaori Gurley
How the U.S. Left Should Approach China
From trade policy to Hong Kong, progressives must oppose xenophobia and nationalism while advancing labor and human rights.
Tobita Chow
The “Democratic” in DSA
The Democratic Socialists of America recommitted itself to using “elections, public offices and legislation” to build support for democratic socialist ideas.
Joel Bleifuss
A CAP Analyst’s Red-Baiting Book Accidentally Makes the Case for Socialism
Warren advisor Ganesh Sitaraman and Yale Law School professor Anne L. Alstott bend over backward to fix capitalism. And prove they can’t.
Phyllis Eckhaus
Whose Grid? Our Grid! Chicago’s Campaign To Put Electricity Under Public Control
A democratically owned electric utility could fast-track the city's transition to clean energy.
Alex Schwartz
The Debates Are Too Important To Be in the Hands of Corporate Media and the DNC
We need independently run debates that put substantive policy discussion first.
Julie Hollar
Want To Fix the Debates? Shut Down the Trump-Style Theatrics.
The sensationalist, ratings-first format needs to change—and candidates should boycott debates until it does.
Susan J. Douglas
At First-Ever Native American Presidential Forum, Candidates Answer to Centuries of Injustice
With Indian country’s electoral power growing, presidential hopefuls pledged to honor treaties and enact structural change.
Stephanie Woodard

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