September 2019 Volume 43, Issue 09

10 Years of Death by Border Patrol
Humanitarian aid for migrants crossing through dangerous deserts has been a crime for years.
In These Times Editors
Fighting Asthma with Compost
The Baltimore Compost Collective wants Baltimore to adopt curbside composting, to address the city’s air pollution problem.
Jesse James DeConto
A Worker’s Place Is in the Museum
A new exhibit in New York honors the state's labor history.
Joel Bleifuss
On Trial in a Language You Don’t Speak
A shortage of court interpreters means vulnerable, non-English-speakers may not be getting adequate legal support
Kimberly Jin
Some Economists Say Carbon Taxes Are a Silver Bullet. The Reality Is More Complicated.
A carbon tax isn't a bad idea, but by itself could be politically dangerous.
Kate Aronoff
Don’t Tax Carbon—Just Stop Digging It Up
Carbon taxes are regressive and ineffective, failing to provide the transformative change we need.
Cynthia Mellon
The Government Should Write Everyone a Check—Paid for by a Carbon Tax
A carbon tax and dividend could curb greenhouse gas emissions while improving quality of life for many.
Owen Poindexter
Why We Always Cover Union Fights From the Perspective of Workers, Not Bosses
We've been covering the labor movement for decades. And we're not quitting.
Jessica Stites
Jewish Youth Say “Never Again” As They Protest Trump’s Concentration Camps
Activists are risking arrest during two weeks of actions in Boston, Chicago, Newark and other major cities.
Stephanie Russell-Kraft

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