July 2020 Volume 44, Issue 07

In 1971, Nixon Passed a Rule to Doom the Post Office. Now, It’s Finally Happening.
The Post Office used to be federally funded. Then, Republicans passed legislation requiring it to "pay for itself."
Rebecca Burns
InvestigationGoodman Institute
The Catholic Church Siphoned Away $30 Million Paid to Native People for Stolen Land
Free, government-funded schools were rarely built on reservations—meaning that for many Native families, Catholic mission schools were the only option.
Mary Annette Pember
“People’s Eyes Are Starting To Open”: How Covid-19 Is Driving Support for Medicaid Expansion
In North Carolina, canvassers are working to expand Medicaid—and finding a sympathetic audience amid the pandemic.
Allison Salerno
The Church of Latter-Day Socialists
These Mormons are taking the church back to its socialist roots.
Nicholas Greyson Ward
Artists Explore the Hidden Tolls of Life Lived at a Distance
What art looks like in isolation
Diana Babineau
Want to Defeat Trump Without Campaigning for Biden? Here’s How.
Socialists and other Bernie Sanders supporters can play a critical role in defeating right-wing populism while building a left-wing alternative for the long term—by going down-ballot.
David Duhalde
Our Biden Problem
Movements face a challenge: how to oust Trump while still combatting Biden's neoliberalism.
Barbara Ransby
The Food Industry’s Next Covid-19 Victims: Migrant Farmworkers
Outbreaks have begun at farms around the country, thanks in large part to crowded employer-provided housing.
Michelle Fawcett and Arun Gupta
Former Leaders of SDS, Meet the Current Members of DSA
The authors of "An Open Letter to the New New Left From the Old New Left" failed to grasp several things about the Democratic Socialists of America.
Joel Bleifuss
Trump’s “Reopening” Is a Red Herring
We should not concede the language of “reopening” to right-wing liars who are sending poor people to their death.
Sarah Lazare

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