August 2020 Volume 44, Issue 08

Defund the Police? Why Not?
We should not confuse public safety with investments in systems of punishment.
Joel Bleifuss
Protesting Native Deaths by Police
Amid protests against police violence nationwide, a march was held in remembrance of a Native man who died in police custody while suffering a mental health crisis.
Elena Carter
11 Statistics That Show Racism Is Entrenched in Our Healthcare System
Covid-19 is disproportionately harming Black Americans. This is not an exception, but the rule.
Dayton Martindale
The Grassroots Efforts to Save the Lives of Immigrants Who Can’t Get Covid-19 Testing From the State
Local groups are stepping in to fill a lethal void.
Maurizio Guerrero
Your White Neighbor’s “Black Lives Matter” Yard Sign Is Not Enough
Being anti-racist means making places safe for Black people to inhabit. Without that, BLM yard signs are just performative allyship.
Shayla Lawson
The Long List of Names That Came Before Breonna Taylor and George Floyd
Samuel Williams. Tyisha Miller. Amadou Diallo. Eric Garner. I've reported their names for decades. This time feels different.
Salim Muwakkil
The Thing About Police Unions
Adeshina Emmanuel
The Central Issue Is Police Repression, Not Police Unions
Before rushing to expel police unions, labor needs a larger reckoning with law enforcement's role in a capitalist-colonialist state.
Bill Fletcher, Jr.
I’m Proud That My Union Just Urged the AFL-CIO to Kick Out Police Unions
Hamilton Nolan

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