June 2020 Volume 44, Issue 06

The Language of Extinction
When wildfires destroy habitats, more than species are lost.
Holly Haworth
Class Traitors, Welcome to the Revolution
Many liberal professionals who supported Elizabeth Warren took their votes to Joe Biden, not Bernie Sanders. But they may still join a future left electoral coalition if they can face their own precarity.
Maximillian Alvarez
Black Voters Are Ready. Are We?
Bernie lost with Black voters, but the Left will win if we commit to deep organizing work to earn their trust.
Phillip Agnew
To Win Elections, Should the Left Be Nicer on the Internet?
There are signs that antagonistic Bernie supporters may have discouraged coalition-building with winnable Warren voters.
Zeeshan Aleem
SARS Lessons Lost
What the United States should have learned from SARS—and blatantly ignored.
Indigo Olivier
Look at How Much Sense It Makes to Do the Green New Deal Right Now
We can get out of this depression and save the planet all at once.
Sarah Lazare
Union Teachers Are Donating Their Stimulus Checks to the Undocumented
Undocumented workers are excluded from unemployment protections and stimulus checks, but not from union solidarity.
Brooke Anderson
“An Essential Procedure”: How Abortion Providers Are Persevering Through the Pandemic
In the face of Covid-19, clinics are continuing to provide safe abortions at a safe distance.
Jessica Corbett
Want to Push Biden Left? Focus on These Appointments.
Appointments will have a major impact on whether a potential Biden administration delivers on progressive policies. Here's what the Left should push for now.
Eleanor Eagan
David Sirota: The Democratic Party’s Tyranny of Decorum Helped Sink Bernie
Sanders could have gone harder against Biden, but ultimately it was the establishment that stood in his way.
David Sirota
Astra Taylor: Bernie Sanders’ Exit Is an Indictment of Our Broken System—Not His Campaign
Voter suppression was stronger than Bernie Sanders' voter turnout plan. And the pandemic has made things worse.
Astra Taylor

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