Working People

May 6, 2023 1:15:00
Live Show: Workers in the South Are Rising Up (w/ Chris Daniel, Melanie Barron, & Mo Haskins)
Announcement: Our next live show will be on Monday, May 8, from 5-7pm EST at the Canadian Labour Congress’ 30th... more
May 3, 2023 38:22
May Day Reminds Us That Labor's Fight & the Fight Against Mass Incarceration Are Connected (w/ Mansa Musa)
Max and Jules want to wish everyone out there a happy May Day (ie International Workers Day)! To commemorate this... more
April 26, 2023 40:04
Striking UMich Grads Hold the Line While Facing Cops, Docked Pay, and Out-of-Touch Administrators (w/ Alejo Stark)
Graduate student-workers at the University of Michigan are still on strike after hitting the picket line for the second time... more
April 20, 2023 1:44:06
Kayla Denker
Kayla Denker is a military veteran and a trained archaeologist who has worked in the private sector and for the... more
April 8, 2023 38:32
Teamsters in Boston Have a Message for UPS (w/ Thomas Mari, Jane Fallon, Rob Atkinson, JJ Rodriguez, Fred Zuckerman, Julie, & Sean M. O'Brien)
Under the new leadership team led by General President Sean M. O'Brien, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters are re-introducing themselves... more
March 31, 2023 23:50
University of Michigan Grads Strike for a Living Wage (w/ Alejo Stark)
Graduate student-workers at the University of Michigan are on strike for the second time in three years, officially hitting the... more
March 30, 2023 1:10:23
Teaching in Ron DeSantis's Florida (w/ Philip Belcastro & Brennen Pickett)
Things are getting very dark in Florida, and educators at all levels have found themselves on the frontlines of a... more
March 24, 2023 1:36:37
A "Do or Die" Moment for the Academic Labor Movement (w/ Matt Thomas, Kristina Mensik, Bryan Sacks, & Todd Wolfson)
At colleges and universities across the country, a heated battle is playing out right now over workers' right to organize... more
March 17, 2023 1:13:55
Steve Mellon
In October of last year, over 100 workers represented by five labor unions—including production, distribution, advertising, and accounts receivable staff—walked... more
March 13, 2023 26:38
The Fight to Pass the Workplace Psychological Safety Act (w/ Misty Orlando, Dr. Jennifer Fraser, & Jerry Carbo)
While there are some stronger and broader laws in particular states, there is currently no federal standard defining, let alone... more
March 9, 2023 1:35:18
Live Show: We Need You—Yes, You—to Join the Labor Movement (w/ Chris Smalls, Vince Quiles, Sarah Beth Ryther, Tafadar Sourov, & Riley Fell)
We hosted another Working People live show on Feb. 22 in New York City, in collaboration with the Action Builder... more
March 4, 2023 1:02:12
Amazon Workers United4Change (w/ Nannette Plascencia & Ivan Baez)
The historic union election victory at the JFK8 Amazon warehouse on Staten Island sent shockwaves throughout the US and beyond... more
February 26, 2023 1:16:02
Rail Workers of the World, Unite! (w/ Ross Grooters, Cat Cray, Clayton Clive, & Matthieu Bolle-Reddat)
From unions in the United States fighting to save our supply chain from the destruction wrought by corporate tycoons, Wall... more
February 17, 2023 17:41
East Palestine, Ohio: A Hell of Wall Street's Making (w/ Matt Weaver)
It’s been nearly two weeks since the catastrophic derailment of a Norfolk Southern train in northeast Ohio thrust the residents... more
February 10, 2023 49:05
Happy Birthday, Evan (w/ Amy Chamberlin & Jana Murphy)
We kick off Season Six of the show with a very special episode that is dedicated to Evan Seyfried, his... more
February 6, 2023 56:58
Texas Environmental Workers Union (w/ Chloe Torres and Brandon Marks)
January 7, 2023 1:12:33
Live Show: Organize, Fight, Win (w/ Michelle Valentin Nieves & Harry Marino)
Earlier this month Working People hit a new milestone: We recorded our first live episode in front of an audience... more
December 14, 2022 1:42:26
Embodying Degrowth (w/ The Maintainers)
The planet we share, the only home we’ve ever known, has its limits. Its resources, its ability to sustain all... more
December 12, 2022 1:19:31
What Could a Worker-Focused Just Transition Look Like? (w/ Megan Milliken Biven, James Hiatt, & Clarke)
As humanity barrels towards climate catastrophe, the need to envision and build more ecologically sustainable societies and economies becomes more... more
December 6, 2022 1:37:49
Where Do Railroad Workers Go from Here? (w/ Jay, Marilee Taylor, John Tormey, & Matt Parker)
After a 3-year saga of stalled contract negotiations between the country’s freight rail carriers and the 12 unions representing over... more
November 23, 2022 39:52
Holiday Season on the Picket Line (w/ Marcques Derby)
This time last year, 10,000 workers and UAW members at John Deere waged a massive strike that became a national... more
November 16, 2022 1:18:53
Fabio Bosco
Last month, the world watched with bated breath as Brazilians voted in two rounds of high-stakes elections that pitted far-right... more
November 7, 2022 52:43
In Key Swing States, Union Members Are the Last Line of Defense (w/ Maggie Acosta, Bryan Villarreal-Vasquez, & Sheila Silver)
The soul of the labor movement is the fight for democracy in and outside of the workplace—and, from the shop... more
November 7, 2022 34:54
Phones Down, Fists Up (w/ Tiffany Murray)
Call center workers employed by Maximus went on strike at four locations—in Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Virginia—this Tuesday, November 1... more
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Maximillian Alvarez is editor-in-chief at the Real News Network and host of the podcast Working People, available at InThe​se​Times​.com. He is also the author of The Work of Living: Working People Talk About Their Lives and the Year the World Broke.

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