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In These Times is growing: We’re excited to announce that labor organizer and activist Alex Han has joined us as the new Executive Director.

Working People

April 21, 2021 53:53
Mother (w/ Dominique Rémy)
In this pre-pandemic Working People recording that we thought was lost to history, we talk to filmmaker Dominique Rémy about... more
April 14, 2021 44:19
Schuylkill Hospital Nurses United
On top of the intense, stressful work common to the profession, nurses at smaller, more remote hospitals face many unique... more
April 7, 2021 02:04:53
On Strike at Warrior Met Coal (w/ Jacob Morrison & Lee Bains III)
Last Thursday, around 1,100 coal miners at Warrior Met Coal in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, went on strike. In order to... more
March 31, 2021 01:20:49
Aaron Major
COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the world of higher education. This week, we talk to Aaron Major, Associate Professor of... more
March 29, 2021 23:51
Mini-cast: Columbia Is a Bully (w/ Joanna Lee, Harlan Chambers, & Cameron Foltz)
Graduate workers at Columbia University are heading into their third week on strike, braving both physical and digital picket lines... more
March 23, 2021 01:12:25
Terrill Haigler ("Ya Fav Trashman")
We chat with (former) Philly sanitation worker and Instagram sensation Terrill Haigler—or, as listeners may know him, "Ya Fav Trashman."... more
March 18, 2021 01:26:01
Confessions of a Child of the Bourgeoisie (w/ Rick Perlstein)
In this special episode, we chat with internationally acclaimed and bestselling author and historian Rick Perlstein. In past interviews, Rick... more
March 4, 2021 47:33
Goliath Can Be Defeated (w/ Danny Glover)
HAVE WE GOT A TREAT FOR YOU... Working People will be taking a much-needed break next week, but never fear—we've... more
March 2, 2021 01:14:11
Jennifer Bates
At this very moment, one of the most historic union drives of our era is taking place at the Amazon... more
February 24, 2021 01:49:59
Rev. Lindsey Joyce
We talk to Rev. Lindsey Joyce of the United Church of Rogers Park in Chicago and the Institute for Christian... more
February 23, 2021 10:01
**Luis Feliz Leon** Patreon Exclusive
***This is a Patreon Exclusive episode*** Subscribe to our Patreon: Thank you to all the Patreon subscribers for their... more
February 16, 2021 01:05:37
Maya Morena, Part II (w/ Jessie Sage)
We're back with Part II of our special mini-series on work and politics in the sex industry with activist, writer... more
February 9, 2021 01:18:21
Maya Morena, Part I (w/ Jessie Sage)
We're excited to share Part I of a special mini-series guest-hosted by friend of the show Jessie Sage! Jessie is... more
February 2, 2021 01:08:13
ACLU Staff United
One bright spot in the COVID-19 era has been the wave of unionization drives at nonprofits around the U.S., including... more
January 27, 2021 01:38:41
Justin Whittaker
We sit down with Justin Whittaker for the first part of an ongoing series of interviews where we’ll be talking... more
January 20, 2021 01:15:29
1001 days (w/ Suat Karlikaya & Burcu Ayan)
Workers at Cargill Turkey were unfairly dismissed on April 17, 2018, while trying to unionize. In this special episode (our... more
January 14, 2021 45:27
Mini-cast: #SafeReturnOrNoReturn (w/ Paula Ladin & Mariana Ruiz)
In this urgent mini-cast, we talk to Paula Ladin and Mariana Ruiz, two Chicago Public Schools special-ed educators, about the... more
January 12, 2021 01:19:31
2020: A Year to Remember & Forget
From the COVID-19 pandemic and the presidential election to mass protests against police violence and worker actions around the country... more
January 1, 2021 55:22
It's Time for Workers to Take Back Power
In this special episode, we talk with three representatives of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades—Jim Williams (General... more
December 22, 2020 01:24:02
Zack Pattin & Brian Skiffington, Part II
This is Part II of our special two-part episode with Zack Pattin and Brian "Skiff" Skiffington, two longshore workers in... more
December 16, 2020 01:22:33
Zack Pattin & Brian Skiffington, Part I
We've got a Working People first! In Part I of this special two-part episode, we chat with Zack Pattin and... more
December 8, 2020 01:31:26
Erek Slater
We chat with Erek Slater, a bus operator for the Chicago Transit Authority, where he's been working for the past... more
December 2, 2020 01:24:13
Michele Manco
We chat with Michele Manco, a clinical social worker in the Bronx working in psychiatric emergency and crisis settings. We... more
November 22, 2020 01:13:17
Amir Atabeygi, M.D.
We're back for Season Four! In this urgent episode, we talk with Dr. Amir Atabeygi, a physician at MultiCare Indigo... more
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Maximillian Alvarez is editor-in-chief at the Real News Network and host of the podcast Working People, available at InThe​se​Times​.com. He is also the author of The Work of Living: Working People Talk About Their Lives and the Year the World Broke.

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