Working People

September 1, 2021 01:35:46
Casey Scully
For many around the country, the new school year has already begun. And many districts are pushing through with in-person... more
August 22, 2021 01:00:09
Listener Hang Session #1
We're taking a much-needed break this week, but we'll be back with more worker interviews really soon! To hold y'all... more
August 19, 2021 21:34
End Unfair Practices against Window Cleaners (w/ Eric Crone)
Repelling down skyscrapers to clean windows is already a very dangerous job. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, high-rise window cleaners... more
August 12, 2021 01:15:08
Striking Coal Miners Won't Back Down, Part II (w/ Kim Kelly & Jacob Morrison)
Over 1,100 union coal miners in Brookwood, Alabama, have been on strike. There is one person, however, who has done... more
August 12, 2021 01:07:24
Striking Coal Miners Won't Back Down, Part I (w/ Jacob Morrison)
Over 1,100 union coal miners in Brookwood, Alabama, have been on an unfair labor practices strike against Warrior Met Coal... more
August 7, 2021 32:34
When the Plant Closed (w/ Carla Shultz & Laura Flanders)
The Mylan pharmaceutical plant in Morgantown, West Virginia, has been in operation since 1965. On July 31, the plant closed... more
August 5, 2021 01:17:33
Order-Takers No More (w/ Richard D. Wolff)
In this special episode of Working People, we chat with world-renowned economist Richard D. Wolff about how the COVID-19 pandemic... more
July 28, 2021 43:03
Your Job Doesn't Have to Suck (w/ Jaisal Noor)
The COVID-19 pandemic has made it horrifyingly clear just how little value the lives and wellbeing of working people have... more
July 21, 2021 45:23
CA Rideshare Driver Strike (w/ Ahmad Moss)
On Wednesday, July 21, rideshare drivers across California are going on a one-day strike against the exploitative practices of tech... more
July 15, 2021 01:27:01
Cheri Renfro
Hundreds of workers at the Frito Lay manufacturing and distribution plant in Topeka, Kansas, have been on strike since July... more
July 8, 2021 01:41:58
Up until the pandemic, Kate from New Jersey was a massage therapist who loved her job. We discuss how Kate... more
July 5, 2021 02:04:53
Alex P.
When faced with unlawful intimidation and interrogation from management at Trader Joe's, Alex P and his coworkers stood together and... more
June 28, 2021 42:29
Smithfield Workers in Sioux Falls Stand Strong, Win Big (w/ Kooper Caraway)
We cover a lot of important worker struggles on this show, but it's important to cover worker victories as well—and... more
June 23, 2021 01:34:07
Mo' Evil Foods, Part II
Earlier this month, No Evil Foods, a vegan meat company founded in North Carolina, notified its staff that they were... more
June 15, 2021 01:05:01
(Unlocked) BONUS EPISODE - Nate Holdren
We will be back to our regular Working People schedule next week. Until then, to tide y'all over, and to... more
June 3, 2021 01:51:41
Ric Ortiz
In this special episode, Working People producer Jules Taylor interviews his stepfather about his life and career as a medical... more
May 21, 2021 01:54:02
From Colombia to Palestine, We Will Be Free (w/ Irene Vélez Torres & Touffic Haddad)
In this special episode of Working People, spanning three continents, we interview Irene Vélez Torres and Touffic Haddad, two people... more
May 20, 2021 29:45
Why Is Trumka Going After Vermont AFL-CIO? (w/ David Van Deusen)
The AFL-CIO national and AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka is threatening "further action" against the Vermont labor council. Why? We talk... more
May 4, 2021 01:47:27
On War & the Battle to Belong (w/ Triste Ordex, Amber Mathwig, & Clarke)
In this special episode, we talk with three veterans about how the military and the class system (in the U.S... more
May 1, 2021 02:00:18
The Srsly Wrong MAY DAY Crossover Special (w/ Working People, Rebel Steps, & Doomer v. Bloomer)
Happy May Day, everyone! All power to the international working class! Celebrate this most glorious of holidays by refusing to... more
April 28, 2021 30:46
Solidarity with the Working People of Myanmar
In this important episode, we interview worker-organizers with the Federation of General Workers Myanmar about the brutal military coup that... more
April 21, 2021 53:53
Mother (w/ Dominique Rémy)
In this pre-pandemic Working People recording that we thought was lost to history, we talk to filmmaker Dominique Rémy about... more
April 14, 2021 44:19
Schuylkill Hospital Nurses United
On top of the intense, stressful work common to the profession, nurses at smaller, more remote hospitals face many unique... more
April 7, 2021 02:04:53
On Strike at Warrior Met Coal (w/ Jacob Morrison & Lee Bains III)
Last Thursday, around 1,100 coal miners at Warrior Met Coal in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, went on strike. In order to... more
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Maximillian Alvarez is editor-in-chief at the Real News Network and host of the podcast Working People, available at InThe​se​Times​.com. He is also the author of The Work of Living: Working People Talk About Their Lives and the Year the World Broke.

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