Working People

April 17, 2019 40:31
Mini-cast: Who Cares for Care Workers? (w/ Dave G.)
We chat with Dave G, cohost of the Mandatory OT podcast, member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)... more
April 13, 2019 19:48
Don't Shop, Don't Stop!
At 1:00pm on Thursday, April 11, over 31,000 Stop & Shop workers across New England walked off the job. The... more
April 12, 2019 01:15:17
(Unlocked) BONUS EPISODE #9 - Laura Bucci
We chat with Dr. Laura Bucci, labor scholar, writer, and Assistant Professor of Political Science at St. Joseph's University. We... more
April 10, 2019 34:03
Mini-cast: In the Dish Pit (w/ Christina Clark & Jon Deitcher)
We chat with Christina Clark and John Deitcher from Endorphin Films about their viral short documentary, Dish Pigs, which tracks... more
April 8, 2019 28:34
Mini-cast: Smooth Operator (w/ Miriam Posner)
We chat with Professor Miriam Posner about her recent articles in The New Yorker and LOGIC magazine on the global... more
April 5, 2019 01:23:23
Lucy Lloyd
We talk with Lucy Lloyd, a self-taught Apple product repair and support technician living in Sedan, Minnesota, a town with... more
April 2, 2019 39:16
Mini-cast: Kingdom Came (w/ Tarence Ray)
We chat with Tarence Ray, writer and 1/3 of the Trillbilly Workers Party, about his recent article in The Baffler... more
April 1, 2019 27:06
Mini-cast: Suicide Squeeze (w/ Nate Kalman-Lamb)
We chat with with author and scholar Nate Kalman-Lamb about his extensive work on the labor politics of professional sports... more
March 28, 2019 02:29:29
After the Academy
In this special compilation episode, we talk to eight working-class scholars about loving, leaving, and being left behind by academia... more
March 24, 2019 01:56:24
Mi familia
A special Alvarez family sequel to the very first episode of Working People. (All music sourced from the Free Music... more
March 19, 2019 34:38
Mini-cast: You Don't Know the Half of It, Part 2 (w/ Torrey Wilson)
While all eyes have been on the high-profile #CollegeAdmissionScam, hardly anyone noticed that an entire network of private and for-profit... more
March 18, 2019 39:47
Mini-cast: You Don't Know the Half of It, Part 1 (w/ Lauren Schandevel)
We brought friend of the show Lauren Schandevel back on to vent about and break down last week's college admissions... more
March 15, 2019 01:27:16
Katelyn O’Brien
We chat with Katelyn O’Brien, a trans woman, comic book nerd, and a pipefitter working for a shipbuilding company in... more
March 11, 2019 27:15
Mini-cast: Worked to Death at FedEx (w/ Joe Allen)
We talk with labor writer and activist Joe Allen about his recent Jacobin article on the death of FedEx freight... more
March 4, 2019 26:59
Mini-cast: TV for the Working Class (w/ Naomi & Nick from Means TV)
We talk with Naomi Burton and Nick Hayes, the young socialist brains behind Means Media, the Detroit-based leftist media cooperative... more
February 27, 2019 01:19:41
Rick Sturgill
We chat with Rick Sturgill, a retired coal miner and electrician from Letcher County, Kentucky. Rick has a lot of... more
February 25, 2019 33:20
Mini-cast: Alienated Labor (w/ Katy Slininger)
We talk with Katy Slininger about her latest piece for Popula magazine, "Alienated Labor," in which she explains--in heartbreaking detail--why... more
February 20, 2019 37:17
Mini-cast: Graduate Workers & Open Bargaining (w/ Jared Sacks & Buka Okoye)
We talk with Jared Sacks and Buka Okoye, two members of the Columbia grad union (GWC-UAW Local 2110 Graduate Workers... more
February 19, 2019 01:27:52
Evan Montgomery
We talk with Evan Montgomery, a third-generation grain farmer and classical musician in the North Dakota side of the Red... more
February 13, 2019 26:53
Mini-cast: Every Little Bit Counts (w/ Carl Slone)
Carl Slone is a coal miner who lives in Whitesburg, Kentucky, a town of about 1,200 people. He's never protested... more
February 12, 2019 24:58
Mini-cast: The "Skills Gap" Is Bullshit (w/ Meagan Day)
We talk with DSA member and Jacobin staff writer Meagan Day about her recent article "The 'Skills Gap' Was a... more
February 7, 2019 41:53
Wright State Strike
Faculty have been on strike at Wright State University for over two weeks now, and things are coming to a... more
February 5, 2019 25:46
Mini-cast: Amazon, Trump, & the NY Prison Boom (w/ Ross Barkan)
We talk to journalist Ross Barkan about his recent article in Gothamist, "Amazon's NYC Campus, Donald Trump's Rise, & NY's... more
January 31, 2019 01:23:00
OC Sheraton/Hilton Workers
Represented by UNITE HERE Local 11, hotel workers in Southern California have been taking bold and necessary actions to secure... more
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Maximillian Alvarez is a writer and editor based in Baltimore and the host of Working People, a podcast by, for, and about the working class today.” His work has been featured in venues like In These Times, The Nation, The Baffler, Current Affairs, and The New Republic.

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