CNN’s Coverage of Sanders Was 3X More Negative Than Biden Following Their Big Primary Wins
A tale of two media narratives.
Juan Caicedo and Sarah Lazare
A Feminism for the Working Class
In 1999, Barbara Ehrenreich charged the feminist movement with advancing only "educated, middle-class women." Her critique is more pertinent than ever.
Indigo Olivier
Time is short. We need you now.
Mindy Isser
How Bernie’s Strategy of Building Relationships with Young People and Latinos Paid Off in California
Inside the campaign's California organizing strategy.
Nuala Bishari
The Democratic Establishment Is Trying to Crush Bernie Sanders, But It Hasn’t Stopped Him
While the Democratic Party’s corporate wing helped Biden gain on Super Tuesday, Sanders’ left-wing vision is still popular—and can still win.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
Working Families Party: Sanders Needs Warren in the Race
Warren supporters argue her presence helps win more voters to a progressive agenda.
Ryan Grim and Rachel M. Cohen
When I Asked Elizabeth Warren to Speak Out Against the Yemen War, She Refused
In 2015, I asked Sen. Warren to oppose the war in Yemen. Here's what she said.
Shireen Al-Adeimi
Under Bloomberg, the NYPD Massively Expanded Its Racist Gang Database
Stop-and-frisk has received more attention, but Bloomberg’s role in broadening New York’s discriminatory gang database should raise serious concern about what his presidency would look like.
Josmar Trujillo
Elizabeth Warren, Please Drop Out for the Sake of a Better World
Warren has no path to the Democratic nomination, but by dropping out and endorsing Bernie Sanders she can still help make her egalitarian vision a reality.
Hamilton Nolan
There Have Been 21 Debate Questions About Paying For Social Programs, Zero About Paying For War
Democratic debate moderators are sending the message that we can afford policies that spread militarism—but not those that protect human life.
Sarah Lazare
Bloomberg’s Choice to Speak at AIPAC Shows How Out of Touch He Is
The billionaire has defended Islamophobia and Israel's wars. He'll fit right in at the AIPAC conference.
Alex Kane
It’s Not Just Bernie Anymore—Centrist Dems Are Skipping AIPAC in a “Watershed Moment”
Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg have joined Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in abandoning the pro-Israel conference that critics call "a fringe, right-wing, radioactive rogue organization."
Julia Conley
Red-Baiting Won’t Stop Bernie Sanders. The Democratic Debate Shows Why.
Moderators and candidates tried to weaponize democratic socialism to attack the front-runner.
Mindy Isser
Why Democrats Need To End the Filibuster
Warren and Buttigieg pressed Bernie Sanders on the filibuster last night. Here’s what you need to know.
In These Times Editors
The Media Doesn’t Know How to Process the Fact That Bernie Sanders Is Winning
Corporate media has moved from denial to anger.
Jim Naureckas
Bernie Sanders Is the Only Leading Presidential Candidate Publicly Opposing the Patriot Act
Many Democrats are still acquiescing to a George W. Bush-era policy that has been in place for nearly 20 years.
Sarah Lazare
He Sued Chevron and Won. Now He’s Under House Arrest.
Chevron is using the U.S. courts to avoid paying out $9.5 billion for environmental damage—and to silence lead lawyer Steven Donziger.
Christine MacDonald
Superdelegates Were Designed To Stop a Candidate Like Bernie
Of course the establishment candidates approve of superdelegates—these unelected electors were created precisely to protect the party elite.
Branko Marcetic
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