Why Nina Turner Is Taking on the Establishment Again
On her second run for Congress, the plainspoken progressive is still calling it as she sees it.
Maximillian Alvarez
What U.S. Organizers Can Learn From Brazil's Landless Workers Movement
In an interview, Rebecca Tarlau explains that 40 years of struggle by Brazil's landless workers movement offers lessons on engaging the system without being co-opted.
Mark Engler and Paul Engler
Ketanji Brown Jackson Is Now a Supreme Court Justice—And Progressives Are Thrilled
"At a time when the Supreme Court is preparing to make decisions on reproductive health, climate change, voting rights, and workers' rights, Justice Jackson's perspective has never been more necessary."
Brett Wilkins
What Happens After Movement-Backed Politicians Take Office
As the “co-governance” model gains traction, here’s a look into the promises and pitfalls—and how organizers are reimagining electoral politics.
Mark Engler and Paul Engler
Under Biden, Private Detention Isn’t Ending—It’s Changing Form
The Biden administration promised to end private prisons. Instead, it has allowed them to be converted into immigration detention facilities.
Joshua Leach and Hannah Hafter
Republican Attacks on SCOTUS Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson Show “Total Bankruptcy” of the GOP
Critics say the "childish political theater" is intended to keep the Republican base "in a constant state of frothing-at-the-mouth" so they show up at the ballot box.
Jessica Corbett
With Biden’s Agenda Stalled, Progressives Have a Plan for Executive Actions to Benefit Working People
"Taken together, these actions will have an immediate and meaningful impact on people's lives," said Rep. Pramila Jayapal, chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.
Jake Johnson
Left Challengers Running for Congress Snap Their Losing Streak
In Texas, democratic socialist Greg Casar cruised to victory in his primary while Jessica Cisneros forced a longtime conservative incumbent into a runoff—welcome news for those taking on the Democratic Party establishment.
Nick Vachon
Rashida Tlaib: Here’s Where Biden’s SOTU Fell Short
With a stroke of a pen, President Biden could improve lives for millions of working people. To strengthen the state of the union, now is the time for transformative action.
Rashida Tlaib
Robert Reich: The Biden White House Is Making a Mistake By Not Tying Inflation to Corporate Power
When we talk about inflation we must also talk about soaring corporate profits.
Robert Reich
How Privatization Fuels Catastrophic Climate Change
Privatization deals in the realm of climate hand over decision-making from the public to private profiteers. That's an untenable situation.
Donald Cohen and Allen Mikaelian
Youth to Biden: Drop Debt
Democrats may be doomed in the midterms without student debt cancellation.
Paige Oamek
Biden's Plan to Permanently Seize Afghan Assets Set to Cause Untold Suffering
"I can't think of a worse betrayal of the people of Afghanistan than to freeze their assets and give it to 9/11 families," said one person whose brother was killed on Sept. 11, 2001.
Jon Queally
How Targeting Programs to Poor People Leaves Out Poor People
Some centrist Democrats are pushing to make the expanded Child Tax Credit means-tested. In practice, that often means restricting benefits for the very people who need it most.
Jim Pugh
A Landmark Bill Would Outlaw Bosses Cutting off Healthcare to Striking Workers
Employers regularly eliminate healthcare benefits as a strike-breaking tactic. A bill just introduced in Congress seeks to finally end this practice.
Indigo Olivier
The Supreme Court Has Long Been Anti-Worker. This Is Biden’s Chance to Change That. 
To fulfill his promise of being a “pro-union president,” Biden should choose a justice who has shown a commitment to defending workers’ rights.
Moshe Z. Marvit
States Now Hold the Key to Making Medicare for All a Reality
With action stalled at the national level, local elected officials and movement organizers have joined forces to enact single-payer healthcare.
Michael Lighty
Financial Superbubble Meets Political Dystopia
The next major recession will be the final ingredient in America's poisonous post-Trump evolution.
Hamilton Nolan
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