Meet Alex Han

In These Times is growing: We’re excited to announce that labor organizer and activist Alex Han has joined us as the new Executive Director.

Ben Lorber is Campus Coordinator for Jewish Voice for Peace.
In the Age of Trump, Progressive Jews Can Learn From the 20th Century’s Radical Yiddish Tradition
Our forebears' struggles against capitalism, fascism and Zionism—carefully chronicled in Revolutionary Yiddishland—resonate more than ever now that the the far right is once more taking power.
Why Peter Beinart Is Wrong About Pro-BDS, Anti-Zionist Jews Like Me
We fight for BDS precisely because we care deeply about the future of the Jewish people.
In Max Blumenthal’s ‘The 51 Day War,’ Life in Gaza Looks Bleak, But Resistance is Growing
Blumenthal offers an unembellished look at the misery on the ground in the Gaza Strip during Israel's Operation Protective Edge in 2014.
Illinois Bill Would Ban State Pension Funds from Divesting from Israel
The anti-worker and anti-Palestinian agenda seem to be converging in Illinois.
Brazil Is Waking Up; Mass Arrests in ‘Moral Monday’ Protests; Bulgarian Demonstrators Win Reforms
10,000 Protest Closure of ‘Greek BBC’; Carnival Against Capitalism; Brazilians Fight Fare Hikes
Occupy Gezi Crackdown Intensifies; GMO Labeling Victory; Europeans Rebel Against Lending Troika
Firefighters vs. Austerity; Anonymous Hacks Hate Group; Occupy Istanbul Launches
Party-Crashing for the Climate; Indignados Turn Two; Bus Ads Promote Equal Rights for Palestinians
Hawking Joins Boycott; Foreclosing on Wells Fargo; Cooper Union Gets Occupied
Occupy Earth Day; BDS Movement Expands Its Reach; How to Strike for Education
Togo Teachers Strike; Miners Cheer Maggie’s Death; Anti-Nuke Protesters Stage Blockade
Why Daniel McGowan is Back in Prison; Students Protesters Evicted; Drop the I-Word Victory
Teens Trek 600 Miles Through Snow; Pro-Palestine Subway Ads Unveiled; North Dakota Abortion Fight
Palestinians Unwelcome Obama; $1 Million in Medical Debt Abolished; ‘Persepolis’ Protests in Chicago
The 5 Biggest Corporate Cyberbullies; Detainee Hunger Strike; Standing Up to Socialist Misogyny
Vital Signs: Oil Giants for Feminism; Maple Spring Revival
Vital Signs: Bradley Manning Pleads Guilty; The Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘Harlem Shake’ Problem
Vital Signs: An Interfaith Boycott; Tunisian Revolution Redux
Vital Signs: Scouting for Equality; Puerto Rico’s Student Movement Wins Big
Vital Signs: Seattle’s Standardized Testing Revolt; Palestinian Settlement Evicted
Vital Signs: Stop Stop and Frisk Victory; An Electoral Rebellion in Israel
Vital Signs: Hong Kong Defies Jackie Chan; Global Demonstrations to End VAW
Vital Signs: Power to the People After Sandy; Occupy Boehner’s Stocking
Occupy the Port: Demonstrators Confront Ship Carrying Walmart Goods
Vital Signs: Labor Takes On Durbin; Indigenous ‘Idle No More’ Movement Escalates
The ‘Fight for Fifteen’ Is On
Chicago Community Group Files Lawsuit Against Johnson & Johnson Supplier for Racial Discrimination
Clocktower Occupation at Cooper Union Enters Second Day