Bill Fletcher, Jr. is a talk show host, writer, activist, and trade unionist. He is the executive editor of The Global African Worker, a co-author (with Fernando Gapasin) of Solitary Divided, and the author of They’re Bankrupting Us” – Twenty Other Myths about Unions. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook and at www​.bill​fletcher​jr​.com.
The Central Issue Is Police Repression, Not Police Unions
Before rushing to expel police unions, labor needs a larger reckoning with law enforcement's role in a capitalist-colonialist state.
Labor Needs To Embrace Social Justice Unionism
A successful rank-and-file strategy must look beyond the workplace.
How To End the Tyranny of the Nonunion Workplace
To overcome right to work, we need rights at work.
The Janus Decision Was Never About the First Amendment. It Was About Destroying Labor.
The Election was a Referendum on Globalization and Demographics—Not Neoliberalism
It also represented the consolidation of a misogynistic white united front.
A Ballot “Blank-Out” Is Not a Strategy for Black Power
The Black electorate needs to think far beyond November 8—and to lead the progressive electoral movement.
Why Today’s Neoliberal Global Order Is Incompatible With Democracy
A new book by Jerry Harris explores the transformation of global capitalism and its implications.
What Activists Committed to the Long-Haul Fight Can Learn from the Life of Organizer Fred Ross
The ‘Friedrichs’ Supreme Court Case Was Not About Union Dues
From Hashtag to Strategy: The Growing Pains of Black Lives Matter
Movement activists discuss strategy and tactics in #BlackLivesMatter.
Jobs, Justice and the Planet
During Obama's second term, the Left cannot passively await changes from the Democratic Party.
Guyana’s Post-Colonial Plight
Still beset by ethnic divisions 45 years after independence from Britain, the country's labor movement is now offering 'bold leadership,' according to scholar Perry Mars
Bill Fletcher