Mark Engler is a senior analyst with Foreign Policy In Focus, an editorial board member at Dissent, and a contributing editor at Yes! Magazine. Paul Engler is founding director of the Center for the Working Poor, in Los Angeles. Their new book is This Is an Uprising: How Nonviolent Revolt Is Shaping the 21st Century.
Joe Biden Should Be Made to Fear Social Movements
History shows that politicians fear the disruptive power of a mobilized base, even when it helps them succeed.
The Immigrant Rights and Climate Justice Movements are Impractical—And That’s a Good Thing
Now what we need, more than ever, are social movements that challenge the notion of what is possible
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It's much more than a sheer numbers game: movements need a combination of mass disruption and sacrifice in order to take off.
Reagan and Gorbachev Didn’t Tear Down the Berlin Wall
Don't be fooled by the mainstream narrative: The 1989 revolutions weren't just byproducts of extraordinary historical circumstances. Change happens when activists seize a moment and escalate.
Lessons for Today’s Social Movements from Gandhi’s Salt March
At the time of Mohandas Gandhi's salt satyagraha, he was accused of a major strategic blunder. But the action was actually hugely successful—and offers lessons for movements today.
How To Duplicate the Sweeping Victory of Gay Marriage
Other social movements can use a similar 'civil resistance' strategy.
Should We Fight the System or Be the Change?
The strengths and weaknesses of prefigurative politics.
Rethinking ‘Rules for Radicals’
In 2014, would Saul Alinsky himself even be playing by the book?
Before King Was Pacifist
MLK's embrace of nonviolent protest was the result of a complex moral evolution.