Nationalize the Pharmaceutical Industry Now
The status quo will kill us.
Hadas Thier
There Is No Plan (For You)
Unemployment, evictions, business failure, a pandemic and health crises are all here at once. The federal government doesn't care.
Hamilton Nolan
In 1971, Nixon Passed a Rule to Doom the Post Office. Now, It’s Finally Happening.
The Post Office used to be federally funded. Then, Republicans passed legislation requiring it to "pay for itself."
Rebecca Burns
How the Trump Administration’s Small Business Protection Program Has Failed Communities of Color
The Covid-19 pandemic has devastated businesses run by people of color. The Trump administration's Small Business Administration isn’t helping.
Miranda Litwak
“People’s Eyes Are Starting To Open”: How Covid-19 Is Driving Support for Medicaid Expansion
In North Carolina, canvassers are working to expand Medicaid—and finding a sympathetic audience amid the pandemic.
Allison Salerno
Coronavirus Has Shown that Our Food System Is Broken. Now Is the Time to Make It More Resilient
Emma Burnett and Luke Owen
My University Plans to Reopen This Summer, Based on Advice From McKinsey. That’s Terrifying.
McKinsey & Company is pushing a military-style, corporate response to the Covid-19 crisis in public higher education. What we need is an anti-racist approach.
Jeffrey Helgeson
Artists Explore the Hidden Tolls of Life Lived at a Distance
What art looks like in isolation
Diana Babineau
Bringing Back the Buffalo Was Always Important to the Rosebud Sioux. The Pandemic Made It Urgent
Stephanie Woodard
It’s Not Just Covid That Has Hondurans Starving. It’s Also U.S. Policy.
On the roots of the Honduran hunger crisis.
Meghan Krausch
A Virtual Charter School Company Says Covid-19 Is the ‘Tailwind’ It’s Been Waiting For
Critics say online learning is failing low-income students. But some for-profit companies are pushing to make it the new normal.
Indigo Olivier
‘An Abrupt Wake-Up Call’: Alaska Peers into a Future Without Oil
Yereth Rosen
Market Logic Is Literally Killing Us
Historically, during national emergencies like World War II, the U.S. government subordinated business interests to the public good. Why can't it do so in the Covid-19 crisis?
Rick Perlstein
9 Statistics That Show What a Miserable Failure the CARES Act Is
Major bailouts went to big corporations, giving them lasting security, while the rest of us got a temporary Band-Aid.
Dayton Martindale
The Food Industry’s Next Covid-19 Victims: Migrant Farmworkers
Outbreaks have begun at farms around the country, thanks in large part to crowded employer-provided housing.
Michelle Fawcett and Arun Gupta
Texas Covid-19 Massacre
In the face of coronavirus, the nation's largest prison system refused to release prisoners or take recommended health precautions.
Marie Gottschalk
Don’t Shame Protesters and Park-Goers Over Covid-19 Spreading—Shame Corporations and the State
While demonstrators have been blamed for potentially endangering the public, the real danger lies elsewhere.
Natalie Shure
Trump’s Answer to Structural Racism? Police State Fascism.
With protests against police violence spreading like wildfire, Trump is responding with authoritarianism—and an ever more violent crackdown.
Christopher D. Cook
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