War for the Planet of the Apes Lacks the Courage of Its Convictions
Koba should've won.
Eileen Jones
Before Punk, Skiffle Music Gave Voice to a Working Class That Wanted to Dance
Billy Bragg's new book explores the blue-collar precursor to the British Invasion sound.
Micco Caporale
The Abolitionist of Walden Pond
Two hundred years after his birth, Henry David Thoreau is as relevant as ever.
Dayton Martindale
Sorry, Tories: Jeremy Corbyn’s Success Is a Win for the Anti-Austerity Movement
British progressives have a long fight ahead. But for now, we're breathing a collective sigh of relief.
Jane Miller
The Frustrating Yet Beautiful Drama of “A Ghost Story”
Filmmaker David Lowery's latest is slow, but contains a few genuine spiritual ideas.
Michael Atkinson
Squatters’ 60-Year War Against Private Property
How propertied classes team up with the state to forcibly evict urban squatters.
Margaret Garb
Beta Testing Fascism: How Online Culture Wars Created the Alt-Right
Angela Nagle's "Kill All Normies" charts the ideology's emergence from the internet's darkest corners.
John Michael Colón
The Fairy Tales Capitalists Tell Themselves
The new book The Wisdom of Money amounts to morale-boosting capitalist agitprop.
Chris Lehmann
Okja: The Veggie-Prop Children’s Film You Really Need to See
The director of Snowpiercer is back with a kiddie film that meets vegetarian propaganda, with surprising success.
Michael Atkinson
Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay: Examining Britain’s Populist Revolt
David Goodhart's The Road to Somewhere goes nowhere worth following.
Jane Miller
The Return of Nunsploitation
Jeff Baena’s The Little Hours is a clever update on Boccaccio's The Decameron.
Michael Atkinson
How the Threat of Apocalypse Justifies American Empire
A new book argues that in the military's hands, warnings of world's end become self-fulfilling prophecies.
Chris Lehmann
When the Bankers Took Manhattan: Austerity’s New York Roots
The new book Fear City documents the slide of New York City from vibrant social democracy to neoliberal abyss.
Moe Tkacik
The Milquetoast Militants of Showtime’s “Guerrilla”
The protagonists' middle-class naiveté rolls off them in waves.
Eileen Jones
How To Resist, in 6 Books
Your guide to the guides to the resistance.
Kate Aronoff
The Scrooges in Charge
From refugees to healthcare, Theresa May's policies are paranoid and mean-spirited.
Jane Miller
Hulu’s Brilliant Adaptation of “The Handmaid’s Tale” Says More About Our Present Than Our Future
For many marginalized women, dystopia is already here.
Jessica Stites
The Elusive Emily Dickinson
A new film explores the poet's restless mind and lonely life.
Michael Atkinson
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