Dollar General Workers Stare Down Historic Union Vote, Vowing "We're Gonna Fight"
With little national attention, a Connecticut Dollar General store could soon help unions crack a vital low-wage industry.
Hamilton Nolan
The Small-Town Beekeeper Facing Down Big Ag
A conversation with rural Wisconsin beekeeper Kristy Lynn Allen.
Maximillian Alvarez
In Middle America, Unions and Democrats Are Sleepwalking Into the Grave
By not organizing in decimated post-industrial towns, we're ceding ground to the right wing.
Hamilton Nolan
A New Group to Organize College Football Players Just Launched. Incredible Timing.
After last week's NLRB memo made the unionization of college athletes a possibility, the CFBPA could become very important.
Hamilton Nolan
Hollywood’s Overworked Crews Overwhelmingly Vote to Authorize a Strike
IATSE members discuss how workers in the entertainment industry have been run into the ground—and why they're fighting back.
Maximillian Alvarez
Why Are Major Unions Undermining the Progressive Strategy on Reconciliation?
Labor leaders from the AFL-CIO and AFT are undermining left Democrats in the reconciliation fight. But members are pushing back.
Jeff Schuhrke
The Mind-Blowing Political Potential of a College Football Players Union
A union of college athletes could become one of the strongest progressive institutions in the South.
Hamilton Nolan
Hoffa’s House Divided: The 2021 Teamster Election, Explained
A rank-and-file Teamster describes what's at stake.
Andy Sernatinger
Jennifer Abruzzo, the NLRB's General Counsel, Is Labor's Best Legal Friend
In an interview, Abruzzo discusses independent contractors, penalizing bad employers and what she might do to make good faith bargaining a reality in America.
Hamilton Nolan
“It’s Time to Turn This Tortilla Around”: El Milagro Workers Walk Out, Demanding Fair Treatment
Alleging abusive conditions and staff shortages amid the pandemic, workers at the iconic Chicago tortillería walked off the job—only to to be locked out by management.
Jeff Schuhrke
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