Nurses Set To Strike Against New York City’s Healthcare Monopolies
Decades of mergers and acquisitions have turned New York’s hospitals into profit-oriented corporations. Nurses are fighting to change that.
Michael Lighty
In California, Independent Truckers Face Uncertain Future
A California law making it harder for trucking companies to classify drivers as independent contractors is now in effect—with big implications for truckers at America’s largest ports.
Stephen Franklin
Off the Pole, Onto the Picket Line: Why North Hollywood Strippers Are Unionizing
After nine months on strike, California strippers are poised to make Star Garden the country’s only unionized strip club
Emily Janakiram
Workers at Howard Brown Health Unionized. Now They're on Strike to Protest Layoffs.
Union members at the LGBTQ-focused health provider say management is planning to lay off 60 workers, so they've walked off the job.
Peter Lucas
Our Biggest Labor Stories of 2022
Sluggish institutions, corporate mergers, billionaires behaving badly: It’s been a watershed year for the labor beat.
In These Times Editors
Workers taped signs to the windows of a closed Starbucks location on the chains annual Red Cup Day.
One Year In, Starbucks Workers Aren’t Backing Down
A look back at our coverage of 2022’s highest-profile union drive.
Natascha Elena Uhlmann
10 Predictions for Labor in 2023
AI's menace, institutional failures and a labor movement basking in energy not seen in decades.
Hamilton Nolan
The Biggest Strike in Starbucks' History Is Underway
Starbucks workers at around 100 stores have begun a national three-day walk out, the union campaign’s largest action yet.
Jeff Schuhrke
UC Grads' Bargaining Committee Drops Core Demands, Sparking Rank-and-File Activism
Strategic differences come to the fore as the largest higher education strike in the country's history enters its second month
Indigo Olivier
What Today's Labor Reformers Can Learn From a Rank-and-File Coal Miners' Victory 50 Years Ago
Labor militants ousted entrenched leadership at the mine workers’ union in 1972. Current organizers can take lessons from both the challenges and successes of the historic campaign.
Steve Early
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