How to Stop AI From Eating Journalism
Ethical standards can also save a lot of human jobs.
Hamilton Nolan
SEIU Local 1 Lays off 10 Staffers Amid Allegations That Dues Remain Uncollected
The union, which lost members during Covid, is scaling back at a time when many are calling for big investments in organizing.
Teddy Ostrow
Chicago Grads Want To Turn the City Into a “Powerhouse of Organizing”
The higher ed organizing wave is finally hitting Chicago as Northwestern and UChicago grads look to unionize.
Sara Van Horn
Fighting Anti-Abortion Extremists — And The Boss
Workers fighting to unionize and protect reproductive rights face the threat of retaliation.
Stephen Franklin
Stop Cowering Before This Half-Bright Florida Fascist
Ron DeSantis wants to break the unions and make a temporary advantage permanent.
Hamilton Nolan
The Union Membership Rate Has Dropped to a Historic Low. It Doesn't Have to Be This Way.
A new report offers a grim look at that the state of labor nationally, but that's not the whole picture.
C.M. Lewis
“We Will Not Accept Your Laws and We Will Not Comply With Them”
U.K. workers rise up against Conservatives' attempt to hollow out their right to strike.
Liam Kennedy
Here’s How Rail Workers Are Fighting On After Biden Blocked a National Strike
Politicians may have headed off their strike, but rail workers haven't stopped organizing for paid sick leave and safe staffing.
Jeff Schuhrke
The Supreme Court Could Gut the Right to Strike
C.M. Lewis interviews labor researcher Kate Bronfenbrenner about a case that could have widespread implications for unions across the country.
C.M. Lewis
Strikes Are Stronger Than Laws
There's a simple reason why the government can't win unless you let it.
Hamilton Nolan
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