A New Idea for New Union Organizing
Unions don't organize enough people. Their structure is the problem.
Hamilton Nolan
Strikes Are a Tool to Claw Back Control Over Our Lives
This summer, Hollywood writers and actors are out on strike together for the first time in decades. Their demands go beyond wages and benefits—they’re challenging bosses’ authority to unilaterally decide what work looks like.
Nick French
A New Climate Rule Could Change the Face of America’s Railways
An alliance of labor and environmental groups is taking on the rail industry to pass a rule that would create both zero-emissions trains and good union jobs.
Kari Lydersen
UPS and Teamsters Have Reached a Tentative Deal, May Avoid Strike
The tentative agreement, which must be ratified by the union’s membership, apparently includes wage increases and an end to a two-tiered wage system.
Teddy Ostrow and Stephen Franklin
Cross-Union Solidarity Is Fueling the Historic Summer Strike Wave
From Hollywood to UPS, the U.S. labor movement is uniting to support striking workers and win contract demands across industries.
Jeff Schuhrke
The Teamsters and UPS Are Returning to the Bargaining Table. Will They Reach a Deal In Time?
Since negotiations broke down on July 5, Teamsters leadership has been touring UPS facilities around the country to rally the rank-and-file.
Teddy Ostrow and Ruby Walsh
The UPS Strike Looms as Corporate America Cashes In
The backdrop of what could be the largest strike at a single employer in decades is that CEOs and corporate America are making record profits as unions—from actors to Teamsters to hotel workers—fight back and flex their power this summer.
Stephen Franklin
Railroad Whistleblowers Keep Losing Their Jobs
Michael Paul Lindsey II, a locomotive conductor and engineer of 17 years, tried to sound the alarm on railroad safety. Not long after, he was fired.
Maximillian Alvarez
Reform Caucus Rises, Sues for Elections in Amazon Labor Union
A year after a landmark union win at the JFK8 warehouse, Amazon still refuses to recognize it. Workers disagree on how to end the stalemate.
Luis Feliz Leon
UAW Turns Up the Heat on the Big Three
“If we don't do this now, we won't have another opportunity.”
Teddy Ostrow and Ruby Walsh
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