November 2011 Volume 35, Issue 11

Remembering in an Age of Forgetting
The struggle to preserve the work of dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei presses on.
Lisa Yun Lee
Let’s Talk Democratic Socialism, Already
After 30 years of failed neoliberalism, we need a real alternative.
Maria Svart
Documenting Social Justice
Kartemquin Films marks a milestone--and remains as relevant as ever.
Patricia Aufderheide
In Defense of Nostalgia
It's gotten a bum rap, but it's worth revisiting our collective history—and resisting the market's obsession with novelty.
Michael Atkinson
Deporting the Vote
President Obama's record-setting number of deportations hasn't exactly endeared him to Latino voters.
Theo Anderson
School Choice For The ‘Feral Underclass’
Following the lead of U.S. charter schools, English "Free Schools" are now open for business.
Jane Miller
Beats, Rhymes and Riots
Don't blame the music of Britain's streets for this year's riots.
Emily Manuel
Patents vs. Public Health
India's Supreme Court could determine the fate of the country's generic drug industry—and its sick poor.
Rebecca Burns
Citizens Stop Factory Farm
Grassroots activists successfully challenge a dairy magnate's right to build a 5,500 cow mega-facility.
Patrick Glennon
Biblical Capitalism
Governor Perry on the mount: Blessed are the rich
Thomas Ruff
Tea Party Death Trip
Why are some Americans so comfortable letting fellow citizens die?
Chris Lehmann
If Only Sexism Could Be Cancelled
New shows try to capitalize on Mad Men's popularity—and avoid what prompted the women's movement.
Susan J. Douglas

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