November 2012 Volume 36, Issue 11

The Novels We Write For Ourselves
There's nothing objectionable about the new Anna Karenina film starring Keira Knightley. But she won't be my Anna.
Jane Miller
Voting for Obama with No Illusions
Four reasons to keep Obama in the White House and Romney out.
Achy Obejas
The Ice Man, Radioactive
Harold Simmons: the GOP’s $50 million man.
Greg Palast
‘A Giant Sucking Sound’
While Romney and Obama speechify, behind the scenes they continue to push policies that favor corporate profits over middle-class workers.
Leonard C. Goodman
Frances Fox Piven: For the Welfare of All
The Left needs to proudly support social welfare.
Frances Fox Piven
Rich Deserts
Our new cult of money ensures that breeding shall evermore speak to breeding.
Chris Lehmann
The War on Teachers: Pick a Side
In Chicago, the teachers' strike was hugely popular. In the national media, it was maligned.
Joel Bleifuss
Mothering Hypes
Jessica Valenti's new book debunks myths maternal.
Sady Doyle
A Heathcliff We Haven’t Seen Before
Crafty casting turns Wuthering Heights into a love story haunted by the guilt and ghosts of slavery.
Michael Atkinson
After the Gold Rush
An artist turns a vacant house into a confrontational sculptural object.
Danielle McCullough

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