November 2015 Volume 39, Issue 11

A Chemical-Industrial Complex
Why do many hazardous chemicals go unregulated in the United States? An In These Times investigation reveals the answer.
Joel Bleifuss
A Bill of Rights That Puts Workers Above Corporations
It's up to the voters of Spokane, Washington.
Simon Davis-Cohen
These Activists Are Trying To Solve the Housing Crisis—By Suing the Suburbs
Bay Area activists take a suburb to court, saying it refused to allow high-density housing
s.e. smith
The Most Disappointing Thing About Submission Isn’t Islamophobia, But Its Tedious Sexism
Any nuanced discussion about the intersection of cultures in Michel Houellebecq's new book is buried under its tiresome narration
Chris Lehmann
The image is split diagonally. In the top triangle of the image, a Black man holds a smoking gas canister. In the bottom triangle of the image, a Palestinian man is in a throwing stance, surrounded by smoke.
Black Lives Matter Activists Declare Solidarity with Palestine
The statement revives the internationalism of the '60s and '70s, when black activists saw themselves as part of a global fight against Western colonialism
Salim Muwakkil
The Neverending Presidency: An Unfettered Look at How Democracy Lost to Mugabe
Camilla Nielsson’s new documentary, Democrats, is a study in how a dictatorship can weather a 'democratic transition'
Michael Atkinson
When the Bank Robs You
Mehrsa Baradaran's How the Other Half Banks tells the history of banks robbing from the poor and giving to the rich--and explains how we can stop it.
David Dayen
Jeremy Corbyn Is Already Pushing the Labour Party to Fight Inequality and Injustice
Despite a seemingly endless torrent of attacks and gossip, Corbyn is building a real alternative to politics as usual in the UK.
Jane Miller

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