December 2019 Volume 43, Issue 12

InvestigationGoodman Institute
The “Collateral Damage” of the U.S.’s Unofficial War in Somalia
"Surgical" U.S. air strikes in Somalia affect more than just their targets.
Amanda Sperber
Climate Change Is Fueling a Farming Boom in Alaska
It's becoming easier for the northern state to grow its own food—and more necessary.
Yereth Rosen
Restorative Justice: A Much-Needed Alternative to Mass Incarceration
Courts and schools across the country are looking beyond punishment.
In These Times Editors
The New Deal Funded the Arts. The Green New Deal Should, Too.
Cultural work has a key role to play in shaping the climate-friendly economy.
Ashley Dawson
Reagan Lives On in Biden
For 40 years, Biden has pushed to cut federal spending. In a recession, don't expect him to prime the pump.
Branko Marcetic
Southern Workers Unite Around Medicare for All: “A Tremendous Liberation From Your Boss”
Workers from across the South converged in Charlotte, N.C., on September 21 to kick off a Medicare for All campaign.
Jonathan Michels
Why We Need Young People To Run the Country—And Why I’m Voting for Bernie Anyway
You can't trust anyone over 30 years in office. Except maybe one.
Dayton Martindale
Ageism Has No Place in the Presidential Election
Science tells us that age and health are two very different things.
Susan J. Douglas
On Indigenous People’s Day, Anishinaabeg Leaders March Against Enbridge’s $7.5 Billion Oil Pipeline
The pipeline’s route would carry 760,000 barrels of oil per day, crossing 15 watersheds affecting 215 lakes, and violating Ojibwe treaty rights.
Amelia Diehl

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