January 2020 Volume 44, Issue 01

Labor 101 for Undergraduate Workers Seeking To Unionize
The Northeast Undergraduate Worker Convention is the nation's first annual convention aimed at training undergrad workers in collective organizing.
Olivia Gieger
Why Bernie Can’t Be Organizer-In-Chief
Movements, not candidates, should drive progressive agendas.
Brian Tokar
Warren’s an Ally. We Need a Leader.
Elizabeth Warren isn’t the president we need in this moment.
Rachel Gilmer
Imagine Elizabeth Warren as President. Now Imagine Bernie Sanders.
We asked their supporters to really think through what a progressive president could—and couldn't—do.
Jessica Stites
The Grooming Gap: What “Looking the Part” Costs Women
If women don’t conform to beauty expectations, they’re paid less.
Mindy Isser
Fox News, Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda
For nearly a quarter of American adults, Fox News is their only cable news source. It tells them what Trump wants them to hear.
Joel Bleifuss
Using Roleplaying To Imagine Life Under a Green New Deal—Dungeons & Dragons Style
Instead of wizards and clerics, Iowans are envisioning roles like community planners and memory stewards, in an environmentally and economically just society.
Gavin Aronsen
Even in Bankruptcy, Coal Companies Can’t Stop Selling Out Workers
The industry sees its employees like it sees the Earth: Just another resource to exploit.
Sarah Lazare
“Our Biggest Enemy Is PG&E”: Inside the Fight to Put Utilities Under Public Control
Evacuees of the Kincade Fire and members of the Democratic Socialists of America are demanding PG&E be dismantled.
Nuala Bishari

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