Why Every Job in the Renewable Energy Industry Must Be a Union Job
We need millions of union jobs that are good for both workers and the climate.
Mindy Isser
Tenants Just Won a Nationwide Eviction Ban. They're Still Fighting to Cancel Rent.
President Trump's surprise eviction moratorium is an election hail-mary. But to stave off a disastrous housing crisis, organizers say Democrats—including Joe Biden—must embrace bolder measures.
Rebecca Burns
Trump Is Inciting Racist Violence in Kenosha—And Democrats Are Complicit
Democrats are failing to articulate a clear moral vision that is opposed to Trump’s ultra-racist, law-and-order politics.
Alice Herman and Emilio Leanza
Covid-19 Hunger Strikes Sweep Migrant Detention Centers
Jailed migrants are fighting a battle for their lives.
Maurizio Guerrero
The Failure to Unionize the Tech Industry Will Eat the Labor Movement Alive
The pandemic has made tech stronger, but unions haven't caught up.
Hamilton Nolan
Community Control Won’t Fix What’s Wrong with Cops
There's no reforming an inherently violent, white supremacist system. We must abolish the police.
Carl Williams and Christian Williams
To Transform Policing, We Need Community Control
An elected civilian council could crack down on police abuses, and pave the way for longer-term transformations.
Jazmine Salas
We Organize Domestic Workers. Here's Why We Decided We Need a Union, Too.
How our union will make our organization stronger.
The NDWA Staff Union Organizing Committee
The Green New Deal Just Won a Major Union Endorsement. What's Stopping the AFL-CIO?
Union support for the Green New Deal is growing. It's time for America's largest labor federation to get on board.
Mindy Isser
I Shouldn’t Have to Be a “Strong Black Woman” for My Life to Matter
Support Black women when we are loud or quiet, when we are brave or scared, when we are fed-up or meek.
Ramenda Cyrus
Rural Black Lives Matter
After Travon Brown found a cross burning in his yard, he organized a Black Lives Matter march in the rural town of Marion, Va., where hundreds of angry counter-protestors were ready and waiting.
Mason Adams
“The Goal Is to Abolish the Police”: A Conversation with Assata’s Daughters
Young organizers on 'planting the seeds' of a better world.
Selah Amoaku, Destiny Bell and Theo Cunningham
“We Are On the Cusp of Something Great”: A Black Liberation Organizer on Next Steps for the Movement
An interview with Nikita Mitchell
Nikita Mitchell
They Are Burying Us Alive in Prison
When Covid-19 broke out in Stateville Correctional Center, we were left to die.
Raul Dorado
They Came to Support People Getting Out of Jail. Then They Were Attacked By Police.
Jail support outfits have not been spared police backlash.
Elizabeth King
The Grassroots Efforts to Save the Lives of Immigrants Who Can’t Get Covid-19 Testing From the State
Local groups are stepping in to fill a lethal void.
Maurizio Guerrero
How Our Bloated Military Strengthens the Police State
The violent U.S. domination of people of color overseas is inextricably linked to the oppression of people of color at home.
Shireen Al-Adeimi and Sarah Lazare
Beware of Police “Reforms” That Reinforce the Very System Killing Us
We can’t fix the problem by investing more resources in police. We must defund and disband.
Janaé Bonsu
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