Climate Change. War. Poverty. How the U.S.-China Relationship Will Shape Humanity’s Path.
A call for diplomacy and deescalation, not economic and military confrontation.
Calvin Cheung-Miaw and Max Elbaum
Young Black Feminists Have Some Pointers for Obama
Instead of scolding Black youth, Assata's Daughters is helping them organize to transform the world.
Eli Day
New York Isn’t the Only City Waging a Fight Against Amazon
The corporate giant is still milking Nashville and other runners-up for further subsidies
David Dayen
What the Yellow Vests Have in Common with Occupy
Inside the mass protests that are rocking France.
Cole Stangler
Volunteers Convicted for Leaving Water Out for Migrants
“I didn’t understand that humanitarian aid was criminal,” said Zaachila Orozco.
Todd Miller
What a Night in Border Patrol Custody Taught Me About How We Treat Migrants
I was released from the nightmare of detention--but most are not.
Matthew Leber
Millennials Are Ruining Trust Funds
Through the organization Resource Generation, wealthy young people are giving away their money to advance systemic change.
Andrew Schwartz
We Won Clemency for Cyntoia Brown—Now Let’s Free all Survivors
Courts are punishing Black girls and women for surviving. These four women, and so many more, should be free.
Brit Schulte
“Welcome to the Revolution”: LA Teachers Strike Pits Working-Class Power Against Privatization
Over 30,000 Los Angeles teachers are out on a historic strike to beat back austerity and pro-charter school forces.
David Dayen
Jailed by an Algorithm
Algorithms that are supposed to remove sentencing bias may perpetuate racism instead, say civil rights groups.
Nick Muscavage
Anything Cows Can Do, Elk Can Do Better
Most sustainable food models rely on domesticated animals. They don’t need to—and shouldn’t.
Nassim Nobari
Climate-Friendly Beef Is a Myth. Don’t Buy It.
There’s no way around it: Take on the meat industry or face ecological disaster.
Jennifer Molidor
We Can Fight Climate Change and Still Eat Beef
How grass-fed cattle can sequester carbon and rebuild soil.
Paige Stanley
In the Shadow of Detroit, a Michigan City Is Taking the Solar Transition Into Its Own Hands
Amid poverty and frequent power blackouts, a cutting-edge renewable energy program is underway in Highland Park.
Valerie Vande Panne
For 40 Years, Alaska Has Modeled a Universal Income. Now That’s in Peril.
Is the way to save the dividend through taxing the rich or slashing state services?
Yereth Rosen
Baltimore Won a Big Victory for Affordable Housing. The Next Goal: Community Control.
Housing organizers won $20 million annually in city money for housing. They want that housing to be democratically controlled.
Ajowa Nzinga Ifateyo
Jerry Brown Didn’t Invite Grassroots Activists to His Climate Summit—They Came Anyway
While the elite discuss band-aids, organizers call for real solutions.
Kate Aronoff
How Unions Can Solve the Housing Crisis
The labor movement once built thousands of low-cost co-op apartments for working class New Yorkers. It could do so again.
Erik Forman
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