For 40 Years, Alaska Has Modeled a Universal Income. Now That’s in Peril.
Is the way to save the dividend through taxing the rich or slashing state services?
Yereth Rosen
Baltimore Won a Big Victory for Affordable Housing. The Next Goal: Community Control.
Housing organizers won $20 million annually in city money for housing. They want that housing to be democratically controlled.
Ajowa Nzinga Ifateyo
Jerry Brown Didn’t Invite Grassroots Activists to His Climate Summit—They Came Anyway
While the elite discuss band-aids, organizers call for real solutions.
Kate Aronoff
How Unions Can Solve the Housing Crisis
The labor movement once built thousands of low-cost co-op apartments for working class New Yorkers. It could do so again.
Erik Forman
With Rahm Out, Chicago’s Black Youth Demand Mayoral Candidates Side With Communities—Not Police
A community survey says residents don’t want a police academy on Chicago’s West Side. Six mayoral candidates weigh in.
Isabel Bloom
Below the Surface of ICE: The Corporations Profiting From Immigrant Detention
Activists are targeting the companies that make ICE run.
David Dayen
Detroiters Fear Losing Their Water May Mean Losing Their Kids
As thousands of Detroiters have their water shut off over debt, neighbors are helping each other to access water without alerting Child and Family Services.
Valerie Vande Panne
Will Mexico’s New President Declare Independence From the United States?
At public forums, Mexicans are pushing Andrés Manuel López Obrador to break with the U.S. on migration and drug policy.
Kent Paterson
What It Really Means To Abolish ICE
The root of the problem is the criminalization of immigrants.
In These Times Editors
When the “Cure” for Homosexuality Is Torture
Ecuador led the way on LGBTQ rights, but abusive “gay cure” clinics persist.
Kimberley Brown
Locking Up Immigrant Kids, Again
Our nation's past treatment of immigrant families doesn’t make the current situation any less horrifying—but we need it to inform our longterm pressure on the Democrats.
Jessica Stites
Nonunion Workers Can Save Unions. We Just Need to Reimagine How We Collect Dues.
The case for voluntary payroll deductions to donate to unions.
Shaun Richman
It’s Time for Unions To Let Go of Exclusive Representation
Janus calls for a radical rethinking of labor law.
James Gray Pope, Ed Bruno, and Peter Kellman
A New Native-Led Strategy for Fighting Keystone XL
At a June corn-planting ceremony, the Ponca Tribe took ownership of land in the pipeline’s path.
Justin Perkins
How To End the Tyranny of the Nonunion Workplace
To overcome right to work, we need rights at work.
Bill Fletcher, Jr.
After Janus, How to Tilt the Balance of Power Back to Workers
There’s a simple fix to Janus’s “free-rider” problem.
Jessica Stites and Aaron Tang
How Portland Occupiers Shut Down ICE
Protesters kept the facility closed for 10 days. Although federal police reopened it June 28, occupiers say, "The camp is not going anywhere."
Arun Gupta
Cooperative Banking for Black Lives
After facing decades of disinvestment and targeting by powerful financial institutions, African-American-owned credit unions could offer a way to build economic power and grow black wealth.
Valerie Vande Panne
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