The National Guard Crushes Protests Just Like the Military Does
Democratic mayors and governors who oppose Trump's threat to send in the military should take their own advice and end National Guard deployments.
Sarah Lazare
Amid Minneapolis Uprising, Anti-War Veterans Call On National Guard to Stand Down
"We urge you to have the courage to do the right thing. Refuse activation orders."
Sarah Lazare
Look at How Much Sense It Makes to Do the Green New Deal Right Now
We can get out of this depression and save the planet all at once.
Sarah Lazare
Bernie Sanders Is the Only Leading Presidential Candidate Publicly Opposing the Patriot Act
Many Democrats are still acquiescing to a George W. Bush-era policy that has been in place for nearly 20 years.
Sarah Lazare
The Prisoners Forced To Sue for Soap and Toilet Paper
Prisoners have filed suit against the Wisconsin Department of Corrections due to unsafe living conditions and inadequate medical care.
Arvind Dilawar
Migrant Children Are Still Being Detained in Chicago
Heartland Alliance describes itself as a human rights and anti-poverty organization; but it operates five child migrant detention centers in the city.
Sabrina Gunter
Australia’s Devastating Fires Make an Urgent Case for Nationalizing Fossil Fuels
Why Australia and the United States should take over and shut down fossil fuels.
Carla Skandier
How Medicare for All Could Improve—and Save—the Lives of Transgender People
Transgender people are systematically shut out of medical coverage. Medicare for All could change that.
Izii Carter
A Win Against Voter Suppression in the South
While Republicans have purged voter rolls and suppressed Black turnout in the South, voting rights organizers just showed how to win.
Casey Williams
The Trump Administration Just Opened a New Immigrant Prison in Rural Michigan
But a statewide coalition of activists aims to shut it down.
Brian Dolinar
The 2020s Has To Be the Decade We Stop Climate Change—Not Start Another War
We can't let Trump's belligerence undermine the climate fight of our lives.
Sarah Lazare
Youth Activist to Chilean Leaders: Don’t Use the UN Climate Talks to Greenwash Your Repression of Us
"We are fearless," says Angela Valenzuela.
Christine MacDonald
Climate Change Is Fueling a Farming Boom in Alaska
It's becoming easier for the northern state to grow its own food—and more necessary.
Yereth Rosen
When Unions Save Lives
The threat of fines doesn't always make mines safer. But unions can.
Austyn Gaffney
The Underground Migrant Support Network
Meet the Chicago chapter of the "aboveground railroad" providing assistance to asylum seekers.
Eleanor Colbert
On Indigenous People’s Day, Anishinaabeg Leaders March Against Enbridge’s $7.5 Billion Oil Pipeline
The pipeline’s route would carry 760,000 barrels of oil per day, crossing 15 watersheds affecting 215 lakes, and violating Ojibwe treaty rights.
Amelia Diehl
Hundreds of Thousands Are Without Power Thanks to PG&E. This Shows Why We Need Public Ownership.
The utility giant's mass blackouts in California are just the tip of the iceberg.
Brooke Anderson
This Community Stopped ICE From Using Its Airport To Deport Thousands of Immigrants
Thanks to local organizing, King County International Airport no longer provides ground support for ICE.
Lena Elmeligy
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