How Portland Occupiers Shut Down ICE
Protesters kept the facility closed for 10 days. Although federal police reopened it June 28, occupiers say, "The camp is not going anywhere."
Arun Gupta
Cooperative Banking for Black Lives
After facing decades of disinvestment and targeting by powerful financial institutions, African-American-owned credit unions could offer a way to build economic power and grow black wealth.
Valerie Vande Panne
INVESTIGATION: The Troubled History of the Fund Tapped for Rahm’s Controversial Cop Academy
$20 million in West Side TIF money for job creation has sat unspent, and another $36 million was "ported" to other districts. Now more than $10 million is being used for a police academy that will create only 100 temporary jobs.
Rebecca Burns
Trump Promised to Revive Keystone XL—But TransCanada May Not Even Want to Build It Anymore
The fate of the Keystone XL Pipeline will be decided in hearings this week in Lincoln, Nebraska, but one question remains unanswered.
Kate Aronoff
The Link Between Trump’s Attacks on Immigrants and Deaths in the Desert
Trump's policies reduce people first to “illegals,” then to deportation statistics, and, finally, to a scattering of bones in an arroyo.
John Washington
Disabled and Disobedient: How ADAPT Activists Blocked the GOP Healthcare Bill
This wasn't their first day at the rodeo.
s.e. smith
Detroit’s Underground Economy: Where Capitalism Fails, Alternatives Take Root
Over decades of poverty, Detroiters have fostered a resilient informal economy based on trust.
Valerie Vande Panne
Puerto Rico’s Longest-Held Political Prisoner Just Walked Out of U.S. Prison
Oscar López Rivera was welcomed home by large crowds in the Chicago neighborhood where he once lived.
Martín Xavi Macías
Interviews for the Resistance: Live From the Spontaneous Protests at JFK Airport
Hundreds gather to protest Donald Trump's refugee and Muslim bans, and to demand the release of those held at the airport.
Sarah Jaffe
With Donald Trump as President, Americans Are Flocking to Socialism
Membership in the Democratic Socialists of America has surged since the election.
Kate Aronoff
State of Rebellion: How California Is Taking on the Trump Administration
On immigration and other issues, the state's legislature has signaled it does not intend to cooperate with the new president.
Hannah Guzik
DOJ: To Address “Defective” Accountability System, Chicago Must Renegotiate Police Union Contracts
The DOJ's damning report found a pattern of racism and unreasonable force, and that contract provisions hinder investigations.
Adeshina Emmanuel
Yale Worker Who Shattered Racist Window: ‘People are Tired of Being Victims’
Corey Menafee tells In These Times what brought him to the breaking point.
Michelle Chen
Anti-Trump Activists Form a Human Wall Outside the RNC
Pro-immigrant groups and other progressive protesters rebuke the Republican nominee.
Joshua Alvarez
After Alton Sterling and Philando Castile: How the System Punishes Protesters and Protects Police
Police in Minnesota and Louisiana have their own "bill of rights" that can shield officers from accountability for fatal shootings.
Adeshina Emmanuel
The Fight for Public Control of Land in the Bronx
Residents' last-ditch attempt to keep out a polluting trucking hub.
Raven Rakia
The Rising American Student Movement Is Part of a Battle for the Soul of Higher Education
Keep an eye on college campuses. The battles fought there are going to matter for the wider world tomorrow.
Aviva Chomsky
We Won’t Improve Education By Making Teachers Hate Their Jobs
How can you improve education by attacking educators?
Jeff Bryant
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