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Christine MacDonald is an investigative reporter and author, whose work focuses climate change, environmental sustainability and greenwashing. She was a 2019-2020 fellow with the Leonard C. Goodman Institute for Investigative Reporting.

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Exxon Spends Millions on Facebook To Keep the Fossil Fuel Industry Alive
Aided by a right-wing political consulting firm, the company is rallying supporters to fight for oil and gas interests at every level of government.
As Oil Plummets, Climate Activists Say Now Is the Time to Mobilize for a Green New Deal
Earth Day is more important now than ever. Here's how the climate movement is getting organized.
This Crisis Can Be a Gateway to Climate Action. These Activists Are Showing How.
Climate justice organizers have moved from the streets to the Internet, where they are trying to scale up the fight.
He Sued Chevron and Won. Now He’s Under House Arrest.
Chevron is using the U.S. courts to avoid paying out $9.5 billion for environmental damage—and to silence lead lawyer Steven Donziger.
The U.S. and Other Rich Countries Stonewalled $300 Billion Climate Relief Fund
Furious activists protested, but mandatory measures remained lacking as negotiations continue into the night on Friday.
Youth Activist to Chilean Leaders: Don’t Use the UN Climate Talks to Greenwash Your Repression of Us
"We are fearless," says Angela Valenzuela.
“Quite Divorced From Reality”: Climate Scientist, Activists Call Out Shell Exec at UN Conference
The oil company is posing as a climate champion, but critics call it greenwashing.
Which Candidates’ Climate Plans Put Justice First? We Break It Down.
Several Democratic contenders offer ambitious proposals to support workers and communities of color.
6 Greenwashing Schemes That Show Corporations Will Never Lead on Climate
More and more companies are setting public goals for reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. History shows they can't be trusted.
Democratic Candidates Flake on Detroit Environmental Justice Forum
Most candidates tout a just transition for “frontline communities” like Detroit, but only Jay Inslee showed up to meet with residents. Four candidates backed out, and 15 others snubbed the event entirely.
Debate Protesters Push Candidates To “Make Detroit the Engine of a Green New Deal”
Activists outside the Detroit debate say that climate policy should put polluted and disinvested communities first.
I Went to a Climate Change Denial Conference. It Made Even Less Sense Than You’d Think.
Panelists at the Heartland Institute's Thursday gathering agree you should stop worrying about climate change. They just can't agree on why.
Street Art Used To Be the Voice of the People. Now It’s the Voice of Advertisers.
Corporations like Red Bull and Stella Artois are co-opting graffiti art.
This Community Built a Democratically Controlled Water System. Now They Have To Defend It.
Across El Salvador, water rights are under threat from corrupt politicians and corporations.