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FeatureCover StoryThe Right-Wing Issue
The Right is Prepared For This Moment. Are We?
A conversation between Jamelle Bouie, Alex Han, Nancy MacLean, Tarso Luís Ramos and Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò on the Left’s role in fighting the Right.
Jamelle Bouie, Alex Han, Nancy MacLean, Tarso Luís Ramos and Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò
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Tennessee Organizers Are Taking the State Back From the Right. Here's How.
Social justice organizing has deep roots in the Volunteer State and, despite deep-seated opposition, the movement perseveres.
Henry Hicks IV
FeatureCover StoryEn Español
Ni Salvadores, Ni Mártires: El Activismo Colectivo Antes y Más Allá de “Los Tres de Tennessee"
El activismo colectivo tiene profundas raíces en Tennessee y, a pesar de la feroz oposición, el movimiento seguirá luchando.
Henry Hicks IV
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Brandon Johnson Did the Impossible. Now Comes the Hard Part.
Brandon Johnson has gone from the congregation to the classroom to the picket line to the boardroom—and now to City Hall’s fifth floor.
Wesley Lowery
FeatureCover StoryEn Español
Brandon Johnson Logró Hacer Lo Imposible. Ahora Sigue Lo Difícil.
De la congregación al salon escolar, de la manifestación huelguista a la sala ejecutiva, ahora Brandon Johnson se dirigirá a la alcaldía.
Wesley Lowery
Cover StoryInvestigationGoodman Institute
The Young Miners Dying of “An Old Man’s Disease”
Black lung is completely preventable. And it's on the rise again.
Kim Kelly
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The COVID Public Health Emergency Declaration Has Ended. The Emergency Isn't Going Anywhere.
1,200 days in, the public health emergency comes to an end. Can the Left fight back?
Artie Vierkant & Beatrice Adler-Bolton
LaborCover Story
The Case for Nationalizing the Railroads
Workers say now is the time to do the impossible.
Kari Lydersen
Cover Story
How to Avoid Nuclear Stand-Offs That Threaten the Entire World
Frida Berrigan on the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the fight for nuclear abolition.
Frida Berrigan
FeatureCover StoryRural America
The Rural Vote Is Again in Play
The midterms showed that rural voters must be an integral part of the Democratic strategy if they want to win in 2024.
George Goehl
Cover StoryInterview
Democrats Need To Be Even Better on Abortion To Win the “Blue Tsunami” They Need
An interview about the midterms with reproductive justice pioneer Loretta Ross.
Andrea Plaid
ViewpointCover Story
Democrats Must Invest in Young People If They Want to Win
The midterms proved the climate generation is a force to be reckoned with.
Varshini Prakash
ViewpointCover Story
How the Democrats Won and Lost the 2022 Midterms
What the surprising results mean for the electoral Left.
Maurice Mitchell
FeatureCover Story
Don’t Look Now But Progressives Are About to Expand Their Ranks in Congress
A lot is uncertain about the midterms, but there's one thing we do know—the House will have the largest left cohort in decades.
Branko Marcetic
FeatureCover Story
A Left Answer to Inflation
It is time to forsake the Chicago school of economics.
Hadas Thier
FeatureCover StoryClimate
How Far Would You Go to Stop Climate Change?
A landmark legal victory opens the door to direct action.
Jack McCordick
Cover StoryInvestigationGoodman Institute
In Small-Town Georgia, A Broken Taillight Can Lead to Spiraling Debt
Reforms to curb predatory private probation haven’t worked.
Nick Barber
Cover StoryInvestigation
The Big Business Behind Travel Nursing
During the Covid-19 pandemic, demand for nurses—already understaffed—surged to even higher levels, and travel nurses deployed to fill the gaps.
Alice Herman
Cover Story
How Democrats Won and Lost
And what the surprising results mean for the Left.
Maurice Mitchell, Varshini Prakash, George Goehl, Andrea Plaid, Kristian Hernandez and Branko Marcetic