July 2015 Volume 39, Issue 07

A Spy’s Guide to Protecting Whistleblowers
Journalists now compete with spooks and spies, and the spooks have the home-field advantage.
Brandon Smith
The Pentagon’s New Weapon: Agent Whitewash
A $60 million government project to commemorate the Vietnam War distorts the facts.
Tom Hayden
How Black Lives Matter Has Spread Into a Global Movement to End Racist Policing
The next Baltimore could be somewhere in Europe.
Amien Essif
The Tribe Is a Silent Lord of the Flies
Though entirely in Ukrainian Sign, without subtitles, Slaboshpytskiy's remarkable film will speak to a hearing audience.
Michael Atkinson
A Century After Ota Benga’s Captivity, Elites Still Don’t Understand White Supremacy
Over a century after a Congolese man was displayed at the Bronx Zoo monkey exhibit, white elites still stubbornly believe they are benevolent, not supremacist.
Chris Lehmann
A Shaky Launch for HBO’s The Brink
The new black comedy about nuclear war misses its target.
Eileen Jones
Civil Rights: The Next Generation
What happens in Baltimore isn’t going to stay in Baltimore
Martha Biondi
The Secrets and Lies of the Trans-Pacific Partnership
President Obama insists there's "nothing secret" about the massive trade deal—yet we aren't allowed to know anything that's in it.
Joel Bleifuss
Is Our Politicians Learning?
The most formidable challenger for Jeb Bush is his own brother’s legacy.
Susan J. Douglas
The Climate Change-Induced Dystopia of ‘The Water Knife’ Is Not Just Sci-Fi—It’s Already Here
The climate change-induced tragedies The Water Knife chronicles are already happening today; they’re just not happening to us—yet.
Jessica Stites
Austerity: The Real Winner of the UK Elections
May’s elections delivered the familiar thud of disappointment.
Jane Miller

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