June 2015 Volume 39, Issue 06

Why Some Vets Want to Relive Vietnam
A new documentary follows the weird subculture of Vietnam War reenactors—some of whom were actually there.
Eileen Jones
Pigeons Under Late Capitalism
An existentialist Swedish movie occupies a completely original universe.
Michael Atkinson
The Collective That Saved Jazz
The Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians brought jazz back from the brink by connecting it to black struggle
Salim Muwakkil
How Some Small Farmers Are Resisting Monsanto—And Climate Change
Seed sharers are resisting the death of biodiversity at the hands of industrial agriculture and GMOs.
Petra Page-Mann
Detained at Her Majesty’s Pleasure
The UK keeps migrants in detention centres for unspecified periods of time.
Jane Miller
Why Silicon Valley Won’t Solve the World’s Problems
In Geek Heresy, former Microsoft do-gooder Kentaro Toyama reconsiders tech-based social-change initiatives.
Chris Lehmann
Inside the Happiness Racket
Can money buy happiness? A new book explores the history of those who have tried to sell it.
Joanna Scutts
A Privatized River Runs Through It
To win its eminent domain suit, Missoula must prove that it is the best manager of its drinking water.
Kate Whittle
Don’t Cry for Chicago, Progressives
Mayor 1% wasn’t the only winner in April.
Micah Uetricht
Presidential Hopeful Scott Walker’s Higher Education Deficit
What do you do after gutting public-sector unions? Gut public universities, it seems.
Susan J. Douglas
Don’t ‘Arquette’ Hillary Clinton
Will Clinton's 2016 campaign, like in 2008, be used to pit women and people of color against each other (as though the two don't overlap)?
Andrea Plaid
Bernie Sanders: A Candidate Worth Voting For
'I have decided to be a candidate for the Democratic nomination for president,' Sanders announced this morning.
Joel Bleifuss

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