August 2015 Volume 39, Issue 08

InvestigationGoodman Institute
The Real War on Families: Why the U.S. Needs Paid Leave Now
Investigation reveals the devastating effects of the lack of paid family leave: Our data show nearly 1 in 4 employed mothers return to work within two weeks of childbirth.
Sharon Lerner
Apple Doesn’t Want You To Be Able To Fix Your iPhone—Here’s Why
The cure for planned Apple-escence
Kendra Pierre-Louis
Treacheries At Teatime
On postwar anti-communist surveillance in Britain
Jane Miller
In Flint, Michigan, the Wrecking Ball Has Not Meant Progress
Andrew Highsmith charts the rise and fall of Flint, a city deserted by industry and divided by segregation.
Daniel Hertz
The Climate-Change Movement Is Winning the Argument—Now It Must Force the Government To Act
How can we turn up the heat on Washington.
Kate Aronoff
How Columbia Became the First University to Divest from Private Prisons
Thanks to relentless student pressure, more than a year of rallies, protests and sit-ins proved too much to ignore.
Dayton Martindale
A Quiet Return to the Killing Fields of Indonesia
Joshua Oppenheimer's The Act of Killing focused on the perpetrators of genocide; in the sequel, the stage is shared by traumatized survivors.
Michael Atkinson
The Stanford Prison Experiment Actually Shows We Are Not All Born Potential Tyrants
The film adaptation of the Stanford prison experiment explores little of its ambiguity.
Eileen Jones
Is Banning Tourists the Solution to Gentrification?
A 'tourist cap' might be in the works in Barcelona to fight rising costs of living and disorderly behavior.
Martin de Bourmont
The NRA’s Bully Pulpit
America's most dangerous nonprofit has a stranglehold on public policy.
Susan J. Douglas
Our Neo-Confederacy
The flag may be wiped from state grounds and license plates, but its ideals live on in the GOP agenda
Salim Muwakkil
If the GOP Wants To Attract Young People, Maybe It Should Stop Screwing Them Over
Kristen Soltis Anderson’s The Selfie Vote suggests Republicans use "microtargeting" to win over the youth.
Chris Lehmann
The Anti-Union Bosses’ Group Fighting Fast Food Organizing Is Now Going After Home Care Workers
Can workers centers and unions create a movement strong enough to fight back?
Mariya Strauss, Political Research Associates

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