February 2020 Volume 44, Issue 02

What a Janitor Found at a Border Patrol Processing Facility
Tom Kiefer spent years collecting items confiscated and thrown away by border patrol
Féi Hernandez
The Prisoners Forced To Sue for Soap and Toilet Paper
Prisoners have filed suit against the Wisconsin Department of Corrections due to unsafe living conditions and inadequate medical care.
Arvind Dilawar
Migrant Children Are Still Being Detained in Chicago
Heartland Alliance describes itself as a human rights and anti-poverty organization; but it operates five child migrant detention centers in the city.
Sabrina Gunter
A Win Against Voter Suppression in the South
While Republicans have purged voter rolls and suppressed Black turnout in the South, voting rights organizers just showed how to win.
Casey Williams
Young People Don’t Support Biden. Why Does the Establishment Still Think He’s the Most “Electable”?
Don't believe arguments about "electability" coming from the corporate wing of the Democratic Party.
Joel Bleifuss
We Need Sanders and Warren to Cooperate in the Primary
The real fight is for progressive power in the Democratic Party.
Julian Brave NoiseCat
A Primary Is a Competition. Bernie Should Play To Win.
There's no need to hedge our bets.
Carl Beijer
InvestigationGoodman Institute
10 Years Ago, We Pledged To Help Haiti Rebuild. Then What Happened?
Hundreds of millions in aid went to U.S. corporations and the U.S. military. A fraction went to Haitian institutions.
Isabel Macdonald
The Decade That Put Capitalism On Trial
How the 2008 financial crisis kicked off a new age of dissent
Astra Taylor

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