May 2014 Volume 38, Issue 05

Getting Our Hands Dirty
Republican voting restrictions will hit young people hard. Where's the outrage among millennials?
Joel Bleifuss
Mansplaining, Explained
How Rebecca Solnit articulated a millennia-old phenomenon.
Jude Ellison Sady Doyle
Can We Have More Jobs and Less Work?
In an age of overwork and unemployment, economists look at novel ways to solve both problems.
Jessica Stites
The Ambiguities of Care
As they grow older, women may find themselves once again enlisted as unpaid caretakers.
Jane Miller
Pittsburgh’s Nonprofit Pirates
A hospital behemoth dominates the city, pays no taxes and does little for its lowest-paid workers.
Rebecca Burns
Village Of The Dammed
In Panama, the Ngäbe-Buglé fight to save their river and their land.
Lawrence Reichard
West Virginia Community Delivers on Clean Water
A grassroots water delivery group filled in where government and relief agencies fell short.
Sarah Berlin
A Cubicle of One’s Own
Nikil Saval's new book, Cubed, shows us the future of the workplace.
Chris Lehmann
I Know Weather Porn When I See It
This winter, the sensationalized coverage of the cold distracted from the realities of climate change.
Susan J. Douglas
Nymphomaniac: Lars Von Trier’s Masturbatory Fantasy
The two-part film feels like the work of teenage boy.
Michael Atkinson
The KKK and Other Grassroots Movements
Venezuela isn't as divided as its right-wing opposition would have you believe.
Bhaskar Sunkara

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