April 2014 Volume 38, Issue 04

Charter Schools: The Promise and the Peril
Two systems of public education go head-to-head in Chicago.
Joel Bleifuss
The Minor Leagues’ Major Malfunction
Curt Flood's landmark antitrust suit transformed the Major League, but the Minor League is still bound by archaic rules.
Chris Lehmann
Why Paid Sick Days Are a No-Brainer
They keep you--and everyone else--healthy.
Terry J. Allen
Judges Blind To Justice
Matt Taibbi's new book, The Divide, illuminates the corruption in our courtrooms.
Moe Tkacik
Clever Girls
'Men or books?' These could be mutually exclusive choices for young women in 1950s Europe, as two new novels show.
Jane Miller
For Cambodian Documentarians, a Conundrum
How do you show the past when the Khmer Rouge torched all traces?
Michael Atkinson
Teachers’ Strikes, Catching Fire
From Oregon to Minnesota, school is out unless teachers and communities are heard.
Sarah Jaffe
The New York Lottery, Now Kid-Friendly?
A new ad blitz makes deceptive claims.
Matthew Vaz
Keystone XL Gets Electoral
Green candidates are cropping up all over the 'red' state of Nebraska.
Cole Stangler
Spaniards Say No to Privatized Healthcare
Nationwide outcry killed a proposal to privatize Madrid's hospitals.
Ana Martinez
Ending the Pain in Venezuela
A call for civility between Venezuela's warring factions.
Achy Obejas
Why Stuart Hall Mattered
The Marxist intellectual revolutionized how we think about pop culture. But the U.S. media barely noted his death.
Susan J. Douglas

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