July 2014 Volume 38, Issue 07

Rape Culture Reality Check
How can we tell if we have a 'rape culture'?
Susan J. Douglas
Use Your Words, Wolverine
The bad lessons of superhero movies.
Michael Atkinson
Smith’s Pronoun Problem
Students protest the school's admissions policies regarding trans women.
Sady Doyle
Judgment Day for Payday Lenders
Religious groups in the South fight a predatory practice.
Theo Anderson
Why Can’t College Be Free?
Three proposals to reclaim the promise of higher education.
Rebecca Burns
The Race Debate and Switch
America almost had a real conversation about racism.
Salim Muwakkil
CIA No Evil
The Obama administration covers for Bush-era secrets.
Leonard C. Goodman
Mission To Muckrake
Why investigative reporting matters.
Joel Bleifuss
InvestigationGoodman Institute
The Missing Native Vote
Nearly 50 years after the Voting Rights Act, American Indians still don't have equal access to the ballot box.
Stephanie Woodard
Piketty and Meatballs
What we talk about when we talk about Capital.
Chris Lehmann
Ice I.C.E., Baby
Philly's landmark law to limit deportations.
Waleed Shahid

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